Digicel introduces unlimited social and unlimited Whatsapp plans

Digicel introduces unlimited social and unlimited Whatsapp plans

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Digicel continues to give customers what they want with the introduction of two amazing plans – the Unlimited Social Plan and Unlimited WhatsApp Plan – that allow them to send messages, tweets, like all the latest happenings and share the hottest trends with their family and friends.

Digicel’s one-day Unlimited Social and one-day Unlimited WhatsApp Plans mean that customers can access all their favourite and the most popular social apps all in one place – in other words, they’re always on, always connected to the things they love. Best of all, these amazing plans do not use megabytes from customers’ data bundle, so they can stay connected all day long without the fear of running out of data.

“When we said we’re listening to customers and putting them in control we meant it. Customers say they want to access their favourite social media apps anytime, anywhere – and they want to stay connected to their family and friends for a low price and without losing their data – and that’s what these plans deliver,” said Siobhan James-Alexander, CEO of Digicel St. Lucia.

Each day during the promotional period, customers can choose to activate any one or both of the plans and stay connected with their family and friends. No more feeling left out or not knowing that new meme everyone is using, with Unlimited Social and Unlimited WhatsApp, customers can text, browse, stream and share all day long to their heart’s content.

Available to all prepaid customers at an affordable price of $5 for Unlimited Social and $4 for Unlimited WhatsApp, and with no auto renewals and a daily opt-in to the plans, customers remain in control of their data, choosing to get the plan they want, when they want it.

Customers can sign up for the plans through the MyDigicel app or by dialing *140# from a mobile phone. Once the plan is activated, customers have until 11:59pm the following night to enjoy staying connected on their favourite social media apps.


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  1. What listen yol listen? uh? Not now Jamaica have dat dam ting in place. And people eh even like dat anyway. you kya even whatsapp call with dat. Come better digicel. Choops


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