Digicel ignites Jazz on the Grill

Digicel ignites Jazz on the Grill

For the first time in its five-year history, a popular offshoot of the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, ‘Jazz on the Grill’ at the Fire Grill Restaurant and Bar has secured the patronage of platinum sponsor, Digicel.

The telecommunications giant, as part of its continuing commitment to bring the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival to every quadrant of the island, has lent its resources to Fire Grill Jazz in an effort to increase the scope of the restaurant’s Jazz offering, which plays host to an ever increasing number of visitors to Saint Lucia.

Chef Bobo Bertram, owner of The Fire Grill, said:“Jazz on the Grill grew out of the desire to capture the crowds leaving the now defunct Jazz on the Beach. In the five years we have been presenting, the scope has grown to be something we never imagined. Since it is a free event, we are heavily reliant on our sponsors to help us present a product of this quality, and we are extremely proud to this year align our brand with the festival’s platinum sponsor, Digicel. This serves to strengthen the Fire Grill Jazz product, and we hope to maintain a long and fruitful relationship with Digicel.”

Digicel’s patronage of Fire Grill Jazz symbolizes not only a commitment to the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, but forms a direct nextus with the telecommunications giant’s mandate to maintain a high level of community involvement as a corporate citizen.

Kerchelle Jn Charles, marketing manager of Digicel Saint Lucia, said: “It is our desire to ensure the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival becomes readily available to every citizen and visitor of our island. Our partnership with Jazz on the Grill is one facet of our efforts to not only create new opportunities, but to recognize valuable up and coming ideas and raise their profile with our assistance. It is thus with great pleasure that we lend support to Jazz on the Grill.”

Some of the artistes down to perform at Jazz on the Gill include Lapo Kabwit African Drummers, TEM Band, St. Lucia School of Music, Claudia Edwards, Rob ‘Zii’ Taylor & Vibe Tribe, Carl Gustave & the BMF, Black Antz,, Annexus and the winner for the 2013 edition of the Atlanta’s Next Best..




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