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Digicel hits back at C&W’s “sour grapes” comment

By Jamaica Observer

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Digicel headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica.

– In a clash of words telecoms company Digicel today lashed out at rivals Cable and Wireless for assertions that the company is suffering from “sour grapes” regarding the recent acquisition of Columbus Communication.

The comment “couldn’t be further from the truth as the reality is Digicel was not prepared to over-pay for the business – unlike Cable & Wireless,” the company said in a release.

Digicel added that it believe Cable and Wireless has over-paid US$1 billion in its purchase of Columbus.

“Responding to Cable & Wireless’ recent comments in the media, Digicel can confirm that it looked at Columbus Communications several months ago and that it was Digicel’s assessment that the value of Columbus Communications was no more than US$2 billion,” the release said.

Digicel said it is also calling “on all regulatory bodies throughout the Caribbean to see through the smokescreen put up by Cable & Wireless/Columbus and subject the proposed transaction to the fullest regulatory scrutiny.”

“Cable & Wireless has said that it can’t ‘talk about pricing and plans until the deals are done’ and that statement alone should set alarm bells ringing,” Digicel Group CEO Colm Delves said.

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  1. digicel needs to have a cable or satellite we can SQUEEZE OUT THE LIME.

  2. If anyone in “position” is reading this article. Please do NOT let this happen. Do you remember how long the people were paying out the backside for outdated phones? Scratch that, do you remember when lime charged to make AND receive a call? If Cable&Wireless gains it’s monopoly this is just going to end in tragedy, they are on their last lap and knows that FLOW and any other telecom company who comes in will hurt them bad. This company has cashed in for all these years.. please Rest In Peace.

  3. There can only be competition in the mobile realm. Those other guys now dominate all other services with absolutely nobody at their heels.

  4. Please ensure the competition.No monopoly again in St.lucia,every year cable and wireless talks about improving their services.However as a loyal customer i am very patience.

  5. Antitrust/ Competition Law 101

    Remember it is only after Digicel came that Farmers were able to take their Cell-phones everywhere. Remember that Cable-TV was for the Urban Areas only. Remember that Pricing, Disconnections, and Customer Service were not at the Standard that they are today.
    Think of Consumer Welfare, Employment & Industrial Relations, and the semblance of competition we enjoy today.
    Can we afford for C&W to re-dominate the market and re-enslave the poor people of St. Lucia?
    Corporations are allowed to devour Corporations, but we should never allow Corporations to enslave a Nation – this is the Caribbean not Africa!!!


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