Digicel gives back

Digicel gives back
Digicel’s Louise Victor making sure the kids got their meals

Digicel last Friday gave back to the Anse La Raye community and brightened the lives of 150 individuals.

A delicious breakfast compliments Digicel was served to the underprivileged families in an effort to share the holiday spirit.

The team had the opportunity to set up at the Anse La Raye community centre to commence its feeding programme.

Digicel team members were geared up and excited to greet kids and adults at the community centre.

The feeding stations were loaded with delicious eats, made up of hot and cold drinks, fruit and many other breakfast favourites.

The sounds of sweet steel pan music welcomed everyone to the location as Digicel began to cater to the patrons. The kids especially enjoyed the music as they sang along with the renditions played.

Celebrating the feast of musicians, “St Cecelia’s Day”, the Harmonities steel band entertained both Digicel team members and the Anse La Ray people. All gave bright smiles and gratitude.


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