Digicel feels the vibe: New youth endorsees embody the spirit of jazz

Digicel feels the vibe: New youth endorsees embody the spirit of jazz
Violinist; Yannick James standing proud and elated to be part of the Digicel family
Three local stars set for Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival

Telecommunications giant Digicel firmly establishes themselves as patrons of the arts with the endorsement of two burgeoning musicians as part of their campaign to foster youth development.

As a long-standing patron and partner of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, Digicel has begun to look inward in hopes of developing young artistes to showcase to the world.

“Complete sustainability of the music industry in St Lucia exceeds just support of the St Lucian Jazz and Arts festival. Support must also be given to musicians as their development is vital,” said Kerchelle Jn Charles, marketing manager of Digicel. “The two endorsees have joined the bigger, better family, and are poised for excellence; Digicel looks forward to their future.”

Beginning his journey with the Junior Allegro Pan Groove, and soon graduating to the composition of music, Keitje Greaves is often described as a musical prodigy. As a new member of the St Lucia School of Music Secondary School Band, Greaves was introduced to his enduring love, the trombone.

In his young life, Greaces has served as a member of multiple bands and continues to compose music, utilising his knowledge of pan, piano and trombone.

Yannick James is a prolific young violinist, who in his short career, has become renowned for his compositions that seamlessly fuse traditional Saint Lucian Folk music with global genres. From humble beginnings, James has become one of the most sought after violinists on island.

Having benefited from the tutelage of numerous international instructors,  James now teaches music at various schools across Saint Lucia in an attempt to share the joy and opportunities that music has bestowed upon him.

Trombonist; Keitje Greaves with Digicel’s Marketing Manager Kerchelle Jn Charle

Digicel has pledged fiscal support to these young artistes, in addition to the contribution of brand new blackberry handsets and the payment of their mobile bills.

In addition, Digicel will ensure long-term support with public awareness through social media, public relations and outdoor advertising.

A billboard has been commissioned which will feature James and Greaves alongside mega producer Irvin “Ace” Loctar, another member of the Digicel family.

Digicel’s commitment to these artistes extends beyond the fiscal however, and further plans have been put in place to create launching pads for the careers of these young artistes.

Country Manager of Digicel Holly Hughes-McNamara stated, “The opportunity to mould young Saint Lucians is an extraordinary honour that we do not take lightly. It is our hope that with our continued commitment to the arts, Digicel can be part of a local renaissance wherein artistes have avenues to showcase their work.”

Violinist Yannick James standing proud and elated to be part of the Digicel family

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