Digicel equips Micoud Secondary School with new laptops

Digicel equips Micoud Secondary School with new laptops

PRESS RELEASE – In keeping with Digicel’s commitment to the advancement of education in St.Lucia, the company on Wednesday March 18 the quipped the Micoud Secondary School’s newly refurbished Learning Resource Centre (LRC) with fourteen computers.

The Micoud Secondary School’s Learning Resource Centre was in October of 2014 severely destroyed by fire.

The school suffered a major loss and is to date still on a shift system and has had to operate from the Micoud Multipurpose Centre and the Anse-Ger Secondary School.

The school lost all teaching and learning material and machines in the fire, from computers to photocopying machines, electronic white board among others.

In today’s environment of technological advancements and the creative incorporation and use of Information Technology in the education curriculum,a functional and up to date LRC is particularly essential to foster efficient delivery and understanding of lessons and programmes.

The intention of an LRC is to enhance the impact and quality of learning and teachings through innovative lessons and the use of information technology; in lightof such a major loss,the Micoud Secondary School has was further deprived.

Vice Principal of the Micoud Secondary School Mrs. Annie Maryat in receiving the machines on behalf of the school said ‘We cannot be more appreciative to Digicel for such a timely donation.

We are immensely grateful for their consideration of the Micoud School and I really don’t know how much I can emphasize how timely this donation is.Since the unfortunate fire incident the students, have been severely disadvantaged and we haven’t been able to remedy this as ideally as we would have wanted to.’

Digicel’s Marketing and Communications Executive Louise Victor said ‘Digicelbeing a leader and the first Communications company to ensure the introduction of the latest cutting edge technology to St Lucia, recognizes that Information Technology is an integral part of the education and learning system.

A secondary school having its Learning Resource Centre destroyed and out of commission for 6 months, will be at great disadvantage in educating the students and preparing them for Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

Recognizing this and in ensuring that the students have the necessary tools required for their technological development, Digicel provided fourteen computers to the School for furnishing of the LRC.

Digicel remains committed to contributing to the development of the educational and technological landscape of St. Lucia


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  1. Thank you Digicel. But really people it's taken that long to repair a school? Let burn the district reps house to find out how long it takes to be repaired.,....?


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