Digicel delivered big smiles to all customers

Digicel delivered big smiles to all customers

Last Friday, the Derek Walcott Square came alive as Digicel brought fun and excitement to customers with the launch of its latest promotion, ‘S.M.I.L.E’.

Continuing to provide the very best service to all prepaid customers, Digicel unveiled a unique promotion which allows prepaid customers to top up, save and receive more value on the Bigger, Better Network!

Last Friday evening was a true Red Friday as the Square came alive in true Digicel style.  The sounds of DJ Levi Chin got the party started as the eve of the weekend made many customers smile.  Eager customers were welcomed by the SMILE mascot and greeted with a complimentary drink.

The Digicel Smile Specialists were easily identifiable as they had the biggest smiles giving away Digi scratch cards to any and everyone to win many prizes.  Additional big giveaways were done with customers allowing even more customers to walk away winners of handsets, credit and cash.

Digicel’s Crack the Code promotion also came to an end with Denver Byron winning $50,000 cash. Denver smiled all the way to the bank as the grand winner of this memorable promotion.

Adding to the variety of the evening’s entertainment, the audience at the event was treated to a surprise of a new and exciting promotion called S.M.I.L.E.  In a unique theatrical song and dance delivery, Digicel’s smile dancers presented the S.M.I.L.E promotion. Grabbing the attention of the customers, many could be seen enjoying the catchy jingle and cracking that smile.

Digicel SIMLE delivers more value with:

S – (SMS): top up with $10 and get 10 FREE sms
M – Magic Number (local): top up $15 and talk free to one Digicel number for the day
I – International; top up with $20 and call unlimited international to one number (USA, Canada, UK fix lines) and local Digicel numbers as well
L – Loads of local calls: top up with $25 and talk unlimited to any local Digicel number
E – Extra credit: top up $30 and get 10% extra main account credit.

Smiling has never been so much fun. Start smiling with your bigger better network as you get more credit to text, talk locally, and internationally to your loved ones.

Digicel the Bigger Better Network taking care of your needs for a whole lot less.  Get your Digicel Smile today!


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