Digicel customers saved by 4G data

By Digicel

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Since Digicel’s launch of its island wide 4G service, customers have experienced firsthand the future in high speed data access leveraging the most advanced 4G technology, Digicel St Lucia has delivered superfast access to data services for customers to stream High Definition (HD) videos, enjoy multiple chat forums, instantly upload photos, fast downloads all on the latest 4G enabled handsets allowing them to “Saved by 4G Data 4G connectivity has become part of of our everyday lives.

We work on the go or off-site more easily, with faster web browsing, quicker downloads, fast/secure access to business systems, and have the ability to make seamless video calls easily from smart phones without them freezing or buffering.

Digicel customers can do more, play more, listen more and share more, while style, functionality and affordability is the calling card of all Digicel smartphones. As Data packages range from Data Bite (75 MB), Data Lite (500MB), Data Full (1.25 G), Data Plus (3.25 G), Data Max (6.25 G) and Data Supreme (10.25 G) easily accommodates the budget of anyone who has a 3G or 4G compatible smartphone to access the 4G network.

Since the introduction of Digicel’s “Save By 4G Data” campaign customers can take advantage of handset specials of up to 50% off on selected 4G capable handsets. With wide variety of popular affordable brands such as; Alcatel, Nokia Lumia, Digicel’s DL 700 and Blu Life play models.
Leslie Collymore, Head of Marketing Digicel St Lucia, comments; “Use of Digicel’s island wide 4G Data services continues to be priority for us. Digicel delivering the fast and reliable Data service to customers across St Lucia has saved every customer at one point or the other”.

Digicel 4G Data, is all about bringing data to our customers so that they can essentially manage their lives from their fingertips.

Get Saved by Digicel’s 4G Data today by downloading the new and improved My Digicel App at http://goo.gl/U1ImsP to activate your dataplan.

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  1. It’s true we wanted and it’s true we complain, but we have the right too if it is brought and hardly usable for what it is advertised for. @ 75 mb a day, what video can you stream? Far less HD. You stream a short clip on YouTube and your plan is half gone, as for downloading.. Please. But I guess it’s good to hate it available in case of emergencies or something

  2. i always hear digicel customers complaining about that 4G, the plan ends to fast, data is bein robbed. so you guys to try and fix that tho.

    Jus Sayin

  3. thats true smh choops people might say we lucians dont know whae we want before we wanted the four g now we get it we complain

  4. I think switching to edge on your phone only reduces its data throughput and isn’t the same as turning data off. the phone in the idle state will use data since there may be activities happening in the background (like app and email updates).

    • I turned off all programs which used data. Including email, Facebook, etc. And I switched to Edge, as it uses up less data then 4G. Also, before I would browse all day accessing all apps and I would never exhaust my data plan. Now, I turn off all apps and it’s still accessing data at an astronomical rate. I think something is amiss here and its not my phone.

      • as long as data is enabled on the phone you can’t 100% prevent the phone from using it even if you individually turn off app (there is always something happening in the background unknown to us that uses data).

  5. So Digicel, Ive noticed that recently my data plan doesnt last a minute. Ive made sure to turn OFF 4G and use only Lime. I turned off all apps on the phone which accessed Internet and yet still I was seeing my data usage increasing astronomically. Like 5MB of data in less than 15 minutes. Yup, I think we do need a Consumer Protection Bureau cause this is absurd. Hate having to switch to LIME but I may have to. Their data plans are cheaper and by the looks of it theyre not being robbed blind!!

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