Digicel concerned about C&W’s proposed acquisition of Columbus International

By Digicel

Digicel notes today’s public announcement in relation to the proposed acquisition of Columbus International Inc. (“Columbus”) by Cable and Wireless Communications Plc (“CWC”).

Although the full details of the proposed merger have not yet been made public, Digicel is naturally concerned about the clear and obvious challenges and potential issues posed by such a proposed move from a Regulatory and Competition perspective.

Digicel understands that the proposed acquisition will require significant regulatory approvals from a number of bodies in the region; including Ministerial approvals, approvals from Regulatory Bodies as well as approvals from certain anti-trust agencies.  Digicel looks forward to being provided with further details of the proposed transaction so as to allow it to make considered submissions to those bodies as is appropriate and necessary.

This proposed transaction raises a considerable number of issues for telecommunications regulation and competition generally in the region.  The issues that will need to be addressed include such matters as fairness in spectrum allocations, local loop unbundling, price bundling generally as well as a myriad of other likely issues which will only become apparent once Digicel and other agencies and bodies have been fully appraised of the details of the proposed transaction and the likely resultant impact on the telecoms market in the region.

Digicel is confident that the proposed transaction will be considered in the context of a transparent and fair process sponsored by the relevant agencies with responsibility for these matters and that it will be afforded a full and fair opportunity to engage in the approvals process given its status as a major telecommunications provider in the Caribbean region.

Digicel Group CEO, Colm Delves, stated; “We are naturally concerned to ensure that this proposed transaction will not result in an un-level playing field in the Caribbean. We look forward to engaging constructively and responsibly with all relevant agencies and bodies to the fullest extent necessary to ensure that fair and vibrant competition is maintained in the Caribbean region and that the interests of all Caribbean consumers are fully protected.”

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  1. guess its back to dbs and hts and some dvd movies cause I am not going back to c&w too much money for shitty service.

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  3. come on digicel speed up the process internet and cable is your next step if flow can do it so can you. make st lucians proud.

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  5. theres nothing good about lime regaining a monopoly. better days for them...guess all that was in yall pm's plans n visions for better days....but y didnt Digicel make the attempt to buy Flow?

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  7. Hopefully Digicel speeds up the process of providing broadband and cable television services in order to bring some competition into the market. C&W has also been speaking of upgrading their broadband services too; they really need to upgrade that basic internet package..2 Mb/s download speed is ridiculous.

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  9. How on earth can it be better for consumers when one company will have the monopoly on cable and broadband. A monopoly never works well for the consumer. We are really back to square one. High rates once again, in my opinion we have just taken 10 steps backwards

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  11. if u not properly informed or have problem reading and understanding...plz dnt comment under this post.....obviously cant u guys see we goin back to square one with lime in the days of 56k (24K actually) we paid huge sums of money for poor service which we actually had no choice but to......back to the monopoly days....roll the dice....but i still blame digicel for taking so long to move to broadband...cable etc

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  13. same ole same ole, monopoly, monopoly. Remember when cable and wireless had the monopoly on telephones? We got shafted for years. Why open the market to competition and allow mergers like these to take place?

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  15. Cable and Wireless has for years pilfered and ROBBED people when they enjoyed their monopolistic control over our small island economies. I remember when they started Zoning calls so it would cost you more to call Vieux Fort from Castries and from Castries to Gros Islet etc. They used to charge for incoming calls on your mobile. This was insane. Now 2014, I smell monopoly all over again. Dear Cable & Wireless...WE DONT WANT YOU!

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  17. all i will say on this topic is; i will sit back and watch what happens.

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  19. Not another monopoly again....theses governments better stop that shit.....c&w treat customers like shit wen they are the only ones a round....hope u guys remember the ridiculous bills of C&W in the 80s and early. 90s

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  21. My country is reactive not proactive :(

    This country is just one big monopoly....supermarkets...political party leaders (isn't Kenny Anthony a chastanet)..now [email protected]@

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  23. Well digicel who feels it no's it so don't come with that shut up we are not fool's

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  25. Love my digi so they better don't mess with them

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  29. AVG JOE you are beyond an Average Joe. You should call yourself STUPID JOE.

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  31. How is that competition when cable and wireless will clearly have a monopoly with respect to broadband and cable...smh

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  33. All of these companies are shitty now the shit had merged

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  35. Sorry Digi but you're late to the party, i feel your pain though.

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  37. oh how I love competition

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