Digicel City Masters Cup fueled by Mackeson

Digicel City Masters Cup fueled by Mackeson

(PRESS RELEASE) – If you were not at the Sab this past Sunday then you missed an AWESOME football experience…

From 645am Unlocked gates welcomed the top veterans players on island from Marchand , Labowie Connexions , Flow Lancers FC , Gros Islet, prophets & kings, Behind The College (BTC) and Tournament Favourites VSADC, all coming with high expectation of what was about to be witnessed at this venue. The long anticipated Digicel City Masters Cup… fueled by Mackeson left none of its participants or spectators disappointed.

Game#1: The kickoff game whistle was blown at 730am sharp and a fully geared-up, warmed-up, psyched-up Marchand team took the field but unfortunately the Prophets & Kings did not have enough players at the field early enough to challenge Marchand for the 3 points. Marchand walked away with 3 points, 3 goals & a case of cold royal stout. Marchand also played against a young community all-star team and put on a performance that sent a stern warning to the other 6 teams.

Game#2: Tournament favourites VSADC faced city rivals Flow Lancers FC in a match that should have been played at Old Trafford! Flow Lancers FC took the field first lead by self-proclaimed “world’s best GK” Vilan Edward and from their warmup 30mins prior we knew it was all business for the boys in blue.

VSADC played their signature pass & possession brand of football which created numerous windows in the Flow lancers defense. Pin point passes from the general Trevor Flecky Anderson gave VSADC numerous scoring chances including a Penalty Kick which were all denied by the “world’s best Vilan Edward”. Flow Lancers FC would claim their first 3 points with a give & go combination play from Roger Louis to Claudias Liat Amedee who found the back of the nets. Game ended Flow-Lancers FC 1 Vsadc 0

Game #3: Arguably the “game of the day”
The boys from down south, Labowie Connections, left their homes at 5am, traveled to the city by land, sea or air… who knows? But they got there at 630am with one thing on their mind… Those 3 points!!! BTC lead by National Center midfielder Trevor TC Caddet, Vice-captain Gary “I deh – you deh” Devaux , the pillar of their defense National Defender Junior Chubby Samuel and their foreign based striker Earl ballhog Jean who flew in for the tournament and other more important family business.

BTC created numerous scoring chances being denied by the posts & keeper several times. Box to box action kept spectators at the edge of their seats. A thunderous roar shook the surrounding sans soucis homes not once but twice as Aide Yarde hit the nets to secure those coveted 3 points for the Labowie Boys. Game ended Labowie Connexions 2 BTC 0

Game#4 Gros Islet took the field having 3 points in their pocket but there was no complacency in their approach , warm-up or attitude to this game. Lead by Mike & Mocko the street party boys took on a veterans All-star team and made it difficult for spectators to tell which was which! Great passing & lethal kicking from national midfielder Rafferty Fathead Noelien kept the Allstar pressed into their defensive third for the majority of the game. A quick counter attack would put the Allstar team up 1-0 in the first half, but this lead would only last 20 seconds as Rafferty would equalize for Gros Islet with a cracker of a shot from the half line kickoff. Game ended Gros Islet 1- Wildcard 1

Action continues this Sunday from 730am.
*Round2 Fixtures:*
730am Game#5 Flow LFC vs BTC
830am Game#6 prophets vs gros islet
930am Game #7 VSADC vs Labowie
1030am..Refreshment Rehydration Intermission
1130am Game#8 Marchand vs WC

FREE Digicel credit, sims, balls, t-shirts and great prizes will be won by spectators scoring a penalty in the 1/2 time show. 2 spectators attending all game-days will win a case of Mackeson or a case of Stag, so sign-in at the admin table every Sunday.

Thanks to our sponsors; Digicel, PCD, Mackeson, Stag beer, Oasis, Carib beer, Flow-Trevor Daniel FDP, Blazing FM, Day2Day Soccer-USA, Recreational Center of St Lucia and special thanks goes to our teams, spectators and the media for making this tournament great… “Small boy! Who you calling ole?”


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