Digicel celebrates their Digi dads

Digicel celebrates their Digi dads

PRESS RELEASE – Digicel last Friday took time out to celebrate the fathers or father figures that played significant roles in the lives of its team members.

Digicel’s “Digi Dads” promotion saw 26 team members express their love and appreciation for their dads in the Ultimate Digi Dad Father’s Day promotion.

Father’s Day – an occasion honouring fathers, paternal bonds, and the influence of men on family, home and by extension society. While many persons celebrated the day on June 15,  2014, Digicel encouraged team members to celebrate Father’s Day by submitting a short story, in no more than 100 words, why their father, grandfather, uncle, brother, son, cousin, husband, boyfriend or other male figure left an indelible mark on their life.

All departments had entries telling their stories of the commitment, self-sacrifice, integrity, and unconditional love given from these extraordinary male figures in their lives. Every write-up was significant and emotional, made for a very difficult decision to choose who the ultimate “Digi Dad” submission was going to be.

Janieve Bideau, a customer care agent with Digicel, told the story of her dad who was the epitome of heroic. In his younger years he assumed responsibility for his 11 siblings and took care of them after their mother passed away.

A hard worker, who ensured the necessities of everyone he loves are met before his own, he helps those in need and gives back to others. Digicel’s winner of the “Digi Dad” Father’s Day promotion, Bideau, was surprised that his daughter entered him in the promotion and was happy that he emerged the winner.

Bideau won himself an extraordinary array of prizes: dinner for two at Coco-Palm, dinner for two at Cotton Bay, one night for two at Cotton Bay, spa treatment at Cotton Bay, one night for two at Rendezvous, USD$200 voucher from Harry Edwards and movie vouchers.

Digicel hopes this gesture of appreciation allows Bideau to relax and know he is loved and appreciated for all his sacrifices.



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  1. i know we are trying to show appreciation to dads but i really believe those prices could have been shared amoung say two dads as we are all loyal to the service provider and it would just be nice to share a little more rather than one person getting all those prices......just my take on it


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