Digicel brightens January for Customers with shopping sprees valued up to $20,000

Digicel brightens January for Customers with shopping sprees valued up to $20,000

As Digicel remains focused on rewarding its extraordinary customer’s island wide through its ‘Brighten Someone’s Life’ promotion, two lucky winners will be surprised this month with exciting shopping sprees valued at $10,000 each.

January has traditionally been known as the “hard” month or the month where cash is limited and persons are strapped for cash. This January, Digicel will seek to change this and alleviate a bit of the financial burdens for two extraordinary customers with shopping sprees of a lifetime valued at $10,000 each.

The winning customers will have the unbelievable choice of shopping at any store island wide and spending any amount that they choose within the store. This is sure to start customers off to an incredible year.

The two lucky customers can use their $10,000 winnings for the purchase of groceries, clothing, shoes and furniture or even to make their bill payments. The decision on how or what to use the $10,000 is left up all to the winners. From the launch of its Christmas promotion to date, Digicel has made ten customers winners of $5,000 cash each, a total prize giveaway of $50,000 cash.

“Digicel prides itself on offering customers promotions which add value to their lives and provides them with life changing experiences. The month of January is normally a very financially difficult month and we at Digicel are excited about giving two more customers an opportunity to brighten their lives with $20,000 shopping sprees,” commented Sergin John-Baptiste, Digicel’s Public Relations and Communications Executive.

For your chance at winning one of Digicel’s two $10,000 shopping sprees, simply top up with $10 or more at any Digicel reseller, or ask family and friends in the USA, UK or Canada to top you up from a Digicel reseller overseas or simply pay your postpaid bill in full by January 29, 2014. Good luck to all customers and have a prosperous New Year.


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