Diedren Sifflin joins the HR Wise team

Diedren Sifflin joins the HR Wise team

cb4fc50f-435e-45a6-b91e-8a7f113ae359PRESS RELEASE – HRWise Inc. welcomes its newest team member, Mrs. Diedrian Sifflet in the capacity of Learning and Development Business Partner.

Effective 1st February 2016, Mrs. Sifflet will manage the talent development portfolio, including client relationships related to training and development initiatives for their companies.

Mrs. Sifflet was previously employed with Unique Vacations St. Lucia Ltd. as Training Coordinator where she conducted several training programmes in St. Lucia and Grenada.

During this time, she also facilitated Anger Management sessions and Parent Counselling on a voluntary basis at the Family Court and Student Support Services respectively. She possesses a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Cameron University and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology from the University of Liverpool.

Managing Director, Goretti Lawrency said “We are excited to have Diedrian join the HRWise family, as we are confident that her passion and experience will augur well to our success. We look forward to her contribution as we continue to build the brand and expand our services”.


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  1. Finally, someone with psychology in the management elite available to Saint Lucia. There remains a huge gaping hole in management talent in this area for the entire region, even!

    Now we may see or hear how the whole troupes of entertainers in the ruling parties as is the SLP today, are totally unfit for office. And this goes from the very tippy top to the bottom, as in the perversely-created STEP, catering to the needs SLP's hand-to-mouth party dependents.

    Our disgusting convoys of repeated and replaced total misfits in government after each election is indeed worrisome for those interested in genuine national development.


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