Did you know there is a waterfall in Dennery called Sault/Saut Falls?

Did you know there is a waterfall in Dennery called Sault/Saut Falls?

Did you know there is a waterfall in Dennery called Sault/Saut Falls with a drop of approximately 55 feet?

It is also called the Dennery or Errard Falls. Growing up, in English we use to say – “We are going in the Soo, in creole we use to say Nou ka alé en Soo.

Since the advent of the internet, I have found out that “sault” translates to rapids or cataract. A cataract is a descent of water over a steep surface or a waterfall especially one of considerable size.

“Saut” is an older French version of word meaning to jump or to leap. Sault and saut are pronounced as Soo.

This feature runs every Thursday. It is compiled by daughter of the soil Anselma Aimable, a former agricultural officer and former correspondent for Caribbean Net News, who has a deep interest in local culture and history. Send ideas and tips to [email protected]


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  2. This is how you can get to the Saut Falls. Travel along Mole Road.Go past the Treetop Adventures Zip lines and keep going for a few more miles. Then you come to a green painted kiosk box on the left but there is a trail right next to the kiosk, and a small parking spot next to the road. The trail is about 70 yards and then you reach the river. Cross the river and you will be able to see the falls about 30 yards away. The Saut is very spectacular and tranquil and great for photo shoots.


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