DID YOU KNOW: St. Lucia News Online’s newest feature

DID YOU KNOW: St. Lucia News Online’s newest feature
Government House, St. Lucia

St. Lucia News Online welcomes our readers to this new feature which will run every Tuesday and Thursday. It is written by daughter of the soil Anselma Aimable, a former agricultural officer and former correspondent for Caribbean Net News, who has a deep interest in local culture and history. Send some ideas and tips to [email protected]


Government House, St. Lucia

Did you know that St. Lucia’s Government House is situated on a terrace in the foreground of the western end of Morne Fortuné?

It is about one mile from Castries at an altitude of 457 feet/133.20 metres.  The building was completed in 1895 but before its construction the residence of the officer administering the government in St. Lucia was positioned on the western extremity of Morne Fortuné some 300 feet /91.440 meters higher up.

After taking over the island about 1814, the British called the officer’s residence the Pavillion.  About 1768, the early French governors were thought to have resided on the site of the Pavillion.

It is recorded that no less than four governors died at the Pavillion. However, the horrible hurricane of 1817 blew down the Pavillion and buried the governor and others in the ruins.

Here are some more facts about Government House, gleaned from Wikipedia:

Government House is the official residence of the governor-general of Saint Lucia. The house is located on the crest of Morne Fortune, near Castries.

The first Government House that was built on this site was destroyed by a hurricane in 1817, before its completion. A second house, built of timber, was completed on the same spot in 1819. This house fell into disrepair, and was abandoned by 1865. Government House then relocated to a nearby disused military barracks.

Construction of the present brick-built Government House was started on the site of the previous house in 1894, and was completed a year later. It was originally used as the home and office of the Commissioners of Saint Lucia until 1958, then for the administrators of the island. From 1967, Government House was used by the governors of Saint Lucia, and since Saint Lucia became an independent state in 1979 it has been used by governors-general.

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  1. a very good way of educating readers who don't know about the history of St.Lucia. You should also highlight St.Lucians , not just the popular persons but like former schools principals, ex police commissioners etc. Good job!!!!!!


  2. This is so awesome, informative and well written. It is great to get this type of information, because we as black people do not
    readily get information about our history. We must make sure this type of information is available for the present and future generations.We must tell our own history. Keep
    these articles coming.


  3. Glad to hear this column will be written - the more we keep our arts, culture and history in the media, the better!


  4. Cant agree with your comments anymore than if I had said them myself. about government house there seem to be some rich history associated with this place if its not being offered as a tourist attraction perhaps this is something worth some consideration. move the so called GG and all his waste to an office downtown and open up the place to the local public and vistors for tours at a reasonable fee. sure some money could be made there.


  5. Honestly I would really like someone to explain to me why if we are independent we still have a Governor General...sounds like total BS to me. If we are serious about government spending in St.lucia we need to begin at the top.
    - Eliminate this stupid post..that will save us a few thousands may be a few hundred thousands
    - Invest the savings in human resource development...eg. finance the education of 5 Doctors and 5 Engineers... think of the multiplier effect
    - Stop looking to England to help us solve our issues..we can solve our own issues
    - Take the VAT revenue and divide it into three categories - Infrastructure Development, Human Resource Development along with Business development (that will definitely crate jobs) and Emergency Savings or Reserves (if we had reserves set up our stupid PM would not be begging for money to repair the roads damaged by the storm on Christmas eve).
    - Last thing we lucians need to stop blaming the government for everything because we elect them..our government is a reflection of its people. The people we elect are just trying to survive just like us so the most secure job for them to become a politician. They are not really trying to help the island… they are trying to help themselves. That is why there is soo much corruption with government contracts. We need to vet these candidates and ensure that they really care about the development of the island not the growth of their portfolio.
    I challenge our smart A** PM to take these few points listed above FOR FREE..(no need to hire a consultant at our citizens expense) and implement them. I will guarantee you that we will experience full employment and GDP growth of about 3-4%
    Ohh I forgot our PM is a Dr. he has all the solutions figured out…..


    • Would you prefer a President with absolute power, a dictatorship and how much more would we have to spend to maintain the Presidency? If it ain't broke, then don't fix it. Our system is way better than republics'.


    • Easier said/written and done, just take in the history of the country, its not the first time someone has argued what you have written and I am sure you will not be the last.


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