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DID YOU KNOW: National Anthem history

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Did you know that the National Anthem was adopted in 1967 when St. Lucia became self-governing? However upon attaining independence in 1979, it was confirmed.  The lyrics were written by Rev. Fr. Charles Jesse and the music by Leton Felix Thomas.

Source: A History of St. Lucia by Harmsen, Ellis, Devaux – 2012

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  1. "...may our people live united..."

  2. I have listened to many anthems from all over the world, but st lucia's is the best by far, especially when played by the police band. Father Jessee is up there with Mozart in my books...

  3. oh yes , we need that

  4. This should become a regular feature on the site. It will go a long way in educating ST. Lucians everywhere of their history, heritage and culture.


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