DID YOU KNOW: Lieutenant Jean-Raymond la Crosse

DID YOU KNOW: Lieutenant Jean-Raymond la Crosse

Did you know in December 1792 Lieutenant Jean-Raymond la Crosse landed in St. Lucia as commander of the frigate La Féliceté?

He circulated revolutionary pamphlets and began to organise and arm St. Lucia’s patriots, which is what the republican poor whites and free people of colour had started calling themselves.  For two months, la Crosse acted as unofficial governor-general of St. Lucia, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

In recognition of its support for the revolution, St. Lucia was renamed St. Lucia La Fidѐle (St. Lucia the Faithful). Castries became Félicitéville and Soufriere was called La Convention.

Source: A History of St. Lucia by Harmsen, Ellis, Devaux – 2012.

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