DID YOU KNOW: Saint Lucia’s governor general history

DID YOU KNOW: Saint Lucia’s governor general history
Sir Allen Lewis was the country's first governor general
Allen Lewis

Editor’s note: The information for this article was gathered from multiple sources. However, the article was originally published on St. Lucia News Online on Feb. 18, 2014, and is being republished by popular request. The info has also been updated.

Did you know that from Independence until now that St. Lucia has had six governors  general?

Sir Allen Lewis was the first governor general and was inaugurated on February 22, 1979. However, after the July 2, 1979 general elections he was replaced with Governor General Boswell Williams.

Williams served as Head of State until 1983 and he was again replaced by Sir Allen, who served for a longer period during his second term. Sir Allen was replaced by retired public servant, Sir Stanislaus James.

Sir Stanislaus was succeeded by ex-political leader, veteran Cabinet minister and businessman, Sir George Mallet, who remained in the post until 1997 when Dame Pearlette Calliopa Louisy was appointed.

Louisy was the first woman to hold this office, into which she was sworn on September 19, 1997. She resigned on December 31, 2017, and was succeeded by Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac, who was appointed to that post in January 2018.

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  1. good eye opener but lets encourage balance research so that a good effort and presentation is not let lacking vital facts given

    1- the intent of the article to educate Did You know

    2-the given title for the article

    3 I do look forward to this new feature of SNO and sincerely thank writer Aimable for helping me to remember things long forgotten but has a place in things St Lucian


  2. Anyway, does the "Governor General" list includes Acting Governor General's? If so, Sir Vincent Floissac Governor-General of Saint Lucia from April 30, 1987 until October 10, 1988 should be included.


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