DID YOU KNOW: First female head of state

Anselma Aimable, SNO contributor

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Dame Louisy. Photo credit: www.by-elsinore4u.com

Did you know that the first and only woman to serve as St. Lucia’s head of state is Dame Pearlette Calliopa Louisy?

Dame Pearlette has been governor general for the past 16 years.  In 1997, she was appointed by the St. Lucia Labour Party administration, and then in 2006 the United Workers Party administration retained her until 2011.

After the 2011 general elections, Dame Pearlette was again retained by the Labour Party administration.

To date, she remains the first and only woman to have ever held that post and the longest serving head of state since independence.  Dame Pearlette is also the longest serving head of state in the Caribbean.

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  1. Honorable ribbon cutter

  2. Wait a munite. I have always wondered what is the meaning of our head of state. Particularly when the governer acks on the orders of the prime minister. this office is not an independent one. Look for instance, the parliamentary speach by the G G is written by the PM

  3. Congratulations to Her Excellency on her remarkable feat over the past 16 yrs.Well done

  4. The Governor General is NOT the Head of State, she/he represents Her Majesty, the Queen, who is the actual Head of State of Saint Lucia. No offence Dame Louisy, you know we love you.


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