Did-You-Know-.3113112Did you know Stanley Phillips of the Vide Boutielle Cultural Club (V.B.C.C.) and Arnold Clouden of the Catholic Youth Organization (C.Y.O.) were both teachers and they displayed an excellent style of play on the football field?

Phillips took his skills to St. Mary’s College and from early was rated as ‘one of the boys to watch’ on the College First Division team.

Upon leaving school, he immediately joined V.B.C.C. then a young team struggling to make it in the first division competition. With the skilful play of Phillips, in 1964, V.B.C.C. moved up to become one of the toughest and top first division teams, outshining the other teams to win the Harris Cup.

In 1964, Phillips was selected on the national team and immediately got chosen on the Windward squad following the Popham tournament which St. Lucia won. From then, he was a regular player on the regional side until he emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1967.

He returned the following year, rejoined the V.B.C.C., was again selected on the national team and was voted Sportsman of the Year in 1968. Phillips returned to the U.S.A. in 1969 and two years later, sports fans and the general public were surprised to hear of his passing.

Did you know Stan Phillips was once the captain of the national volleyball team and he also played cricket for La Clery?

Did you know Arnold Clouden’s football prowess came to the fore when he played the Wake Shield and Withers Cup for the R.C. Boys School? Initially Clouden was singled out as an individual with tremendous potential in cricket, however according to him, football was his first love and he intended to devote his life to it.

After leaving school, Clouden joined the C.Y.O. and was immediately placed in the club’s first division team. He was selected on the national team in 1967 and that same year he played for the Windward Islands for an unbroken period of seven years. During that time Clouden was also the coach of the R.C. Boys School where he taught. Clouden was so enthralled with coaching and imparting his knowledge and skills to younger players, that he retired from active football in 1974 to undertake coaching duties full-time.

Clouden served as head coach of the C.Y.O. team for several years and was appointed coach of the national team only on one occasion in 1986.

Source: Outstanding Sports Personalities of St. Lucia by Rupert J. Branford – 2000

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