Did-You-Know-.311311Did you know a French account of the 1778-1779 campaign in St. Lucia mentions a battery of guns at Ciceron?

The place would seem to have been important in the connection with the defenses of Morne Fortuné. Most probably, the name was derived from a Monsieur Ciceron who had an estate there of 36 carrés (1 carrés = 3.2 acres), according to an old French plan.

Incidentally, the Admiralty map of 1888 spells the name Cicerone.

Did you know Broglie Street (Rue Broglie) was possibly named after a French soldier-states-man named Duke Victor François de Broglie? The duke was made a Marshall of France after the battle of Bergen in 1759 and was the War Minister when the French Revolution of 1789 broke out.

Source: St. Lucia: The Romance of its Place Names by Rev. Fr. Charles Jessse – 1966

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