Did you know from 1978 – 1990 Mrs. Edgitha Blaize-Tobias held the position of the Dean of Discipline which was coupled with Guidance Counselor from 1985 – 1995 at the St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School?

As part of the school’s extra-curricular program, she was also the coordinator of the Junior Red Cross and Drug Free Club.

Did you know in 1993, Mrs. Tobias became the first lay person to be appointed to the position first Vice-Principal of the St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School?

Mrs. Tobias remained in that position until her retirement in 1995; she opened the door for other lay persons to serve at the level of Principal at the St. Joseph’s Convent.

Mrs. Tobias gave forty-one years of service in the education system and was awarded Bene Mereti Papal Medal for her sterling contribution to education within a Catholic institution.

Did you know Lady Marjorie Thomas was the first female Principal of the St. Lucia Teachers’ College?

She had an extensive and impressive career as an educator that spanned for forty-three years until her retirement in 1982.

Did you know St. Lucia’s first female Real Estate Developer was Mrs. Hermina Antoine (nee Ghirawoo)?

With urbanization, Castries began to change and Hermina decided that it would not be the most appropriate to environment to raise her daughter.

Using her Grass Street home as security, she invested in two acres of land opposite Valmont’s Hardware, Vide Boutielle.

Mrs. Antoine put up the entire infrastructure and subdivided the land into thirteen lots; she then offered the land to prospective buyers at fifty cents per square foot.

The development was called ‘Summersdale’, a name Mrs. Antoine chose from an English magazine.  Today, Summersdale still remains as the name of this development.

Source: Pioneers & Forerunners Saint Lucia’s First Ladies by Margot Thomas 2012.

This feature runs every Tuesday and Thursday. It is compiled by daughter of the soil Anselma Aimable, a former agricultural officer and former correspondent for Caribbean Net News, who has a deep interest in local culture and history. Send ideas and tips to [email protected]


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  1. Great stuff!!Mrs Tobias was one of our best teachers @ SJC.Long live Mrs Tobias and thanks for the love and interest that u placed in us.Keep informing us Ms Aimable.


  2. Did you know which schools produced the largest numbers in out different fields e.g thieves , policemen , killers , firemen , teachers, rapist . Nuns ,bobolist priest . Lawyers sodumizers , air traffic controllers , alcoholics , Pilots , politicians, illusionist . Give us these stats and from there we can start rebuilding a new St Lucia .


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