Did you know in May 1962 Councilor William George Mallet wanted an explanation as to why water was cut off at a certain time of day apart from the regular shut off periods at night?

He suggested that when it was found necessary to do this the public should be informed in advance by the Council’s Constables.

The town engineer explained that apart from the regular shut-off at nights, water was never deliberately shut off, it just ran out. The storage reservoir was filled in the night to meet heavy consumption during the day and if in the morning there was a small storage of water in the reservoir the possibility was that water would run out.

Councilor Mallet also observed that there was no sanitation report and spoke of the rubbish being thrown at the back of the shops on Jeremie Street. He suggested that two dump boxes be placed in the area and asked the town engineer to consider that proposal.

Source: Historical Review of Castries Municipality from 1785 to 1967 by Francis J. Carasco

Did you know Sir William George Mallet was born in Panama on July 24, 1923?

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  1. bring back the litter wardens. I believe this will help the situation. when persons are hauled before the courts and fined, then they will change their attitudes towards keeping the city/environment CLEAN!!!!


  2. I can say there was a long period when behind the shops was clean. At that time I attended R.C. Boys Infant. I walked that route back and forth to my home. Plus, I had a couple of my little friends who live in the CDCs whose homes I visited. Earlier this year, I walked that route after many years and the smell was sickening.

    There has been a serious decline in the cleanliness of the city. Believe me, even though there was poverty while growing up home, but the place was clean. Now,there are pools of stagnant water in many drains, plastic litter and things I had never seen.

    A bigger population, negative attitudes about cleanliness or maybe inefficient management may have caused the decline in the city's cleanliness...possibly a combination of all. I miss the clean city that I grew up in...a lot.


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