Did you know of the petroglyph at Dauphin? Near the sea at Dauphin is a rock carving of Amerindian origin.

The carving appears to be a family of three – a male, a female and a child.  The work is so finely executed it must have taken a prehistoric “Michelangelo” a considerable amount of time to complete the carving.  However, one thing is certain: it was not done on impulse and this monument may have some religious connections.  The Dauphin petroglyph compares favourably with the 30 found in St. Vincent.

Did you know St. Lucia does not possess an abundance of monuments? However we have representative monuments from all categories including pre-Colombian, military, civil and ecclesiastical.

An early monument erected was the “Cross” located at “Calvary” in 1851 on the Rosaire Estate at Castries.  The latest was in 1963 at Cap Estate in memory of on Colonel Harrison.  A few of the historical sites are maintained but the majority is left to the elements.

Source:  Saint Lucia Historic Sites by Robert J. Devaux –  St. Lucia National Trust No.1 – 1975  

This feature runs every Tuesday and Thursday. It is compiled by daughter of the soil Anselma Aimable, a former agricultural officer and former correspondent for Caribbean Net News, who has a deep interest in local culture and history. Send ideas and tips to [email protected]


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  1. Thank you, I will search for books on the internet and next time I'm in St Lucia I will visit book shops/centres and search for books etc on St Lucias' history, culture, folklore.   I agree Hot boy, St Lucia has a very rich history and I want to learn as much as I can, we all should.  The 'Did You Know' section is always good to read.  Thanks again for your advices and information.


  2. For sometime now i have been reading your "Did you know" stories and i have to admit i always find them interesting. In fact now it is one of the things i look for on St lucia News Online.


  3. I just completed reading a book I bought recently when I was home. I forgot the title, however, it made for interesting reading. The book is written by Devaux and it discusses brigand activities in St. Lucia. I learned of several sites that are still accessible. Freebird, you may want to lay your hands on that book among others.

    St. Lucia has a rich history waiting to be explored. Those in the Diaspora, please buy and read our local books so you can pass information to your kids about your roots.


  4. I have seen the rock basins at Dauphin - I didn't see the petroglyph.  It was a good and enjoyable day out looking for them.  I have Robert Devauxs' book Saint Lucia Historic Sites - it's very informative.   Do you know  has it ever been reprinted or are there any copies still available?


    • I remember about 30 years ago while working in the Dauphin area admiring the petroglyphs and the beautiful cactus among other plants that grew at Dauphin. Our historical sites and rock basins need to be researched and preserved and I do not think that book has been reprinted. Over to you GOSL, St. Lucia National Trust, St.Lucia Archaeological and Historical and all of us who care.


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