Did-You-Know-.3113112Did you know in the mid twentieth century, Irving Rouse, Marshall McKusick, William Haag And Ripley Bullen performed archaeological research in St. Lucia? However, Harold Simmons, B. H. Easter, Father Jesse and ‘the Trouble Chasers’ rescued many Amerindian artefacts unearthed during construction work.

Colonial Engineer Matthew Murphy (1905-1919) collected 262 items which ended up in the Barbados Museum and Americans George Heye and Thomas Huckerby presented 414 specimens to the Gothenburg Museum in Sweden.

Thomas Ferguson’s collection of 482 items was partly lost in the 1948 Castries fire but the remnants are with the St. Lucia Archaeological and Historical Society, along with the Devaux/Canelles Rescue Collection of about 5,000 pieces which remains in St. Lucia also.

In the mid 1980s, the University of Vienna undertook a major archaeological expedition at Pointe de Caille and since 2002, Corinne Hofmann and Menno Hoogland, with teams from the University of Leiden, have also undertaken several digs for Amerindian remains.

Source: A history of St. Lucia by Harmsen, Ellis & Devaux – 2012

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  1. Barbados and Sweden need to return these items when we have a safe place to portray them. An MOU needs to be signed!


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