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Did you know?

Compiled by Anselma Aimable

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16905068421_13cd3b7bca_bDid you know that after the 1948 fire Castries was rebuilt and about 1952 a park was established in front of the Government Buildings?

 In 1967, it was named Constitution Park in Commemoration of St. Lucia’s attainment of Statehood.

Did you know in 1781 Admiral Rodney established his naval base and hospital at Pigeon Island?  On April 12, 1782, he sailed from Pigeon Island to intercept and defeat the French fleet under Comp de Grasse, to change the pages of history when he averted a major invasion of Jamaica.  

There is so much history attached to this forty acre island from pre-Colombian times when the Amerindians had an outpost there to the last “foreign” occupation during the Second World War when the U.S. Navy had a radio station there, that any physical altering of the island would inevitably destroy so much evidence of that history.

Did you know the Soufrière Square has been in existence since 1745 when the town of Soufrière was established?

Source:  Saint Lucia Historic Sites by Robert J. Devaux & Saint Lucia National Trust – 1975

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  1. The beauty of the Internet is that you can write anything even if it eh fact. Please, refer to the French Revolution 1789 and the fight against the Royalists. Slaves were typically hanged.

  2. Yes, and did you know of the Guillotine that was erected at the Soufriere square for years where slaves were being beheaded. It was removed in the 70's but I do think the Catholic church is responsible and it is still in their possession.

    Tell us the truth and nothing but the truth!

    Fire in the hole!


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