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Did you know?

Compiled by Anselma Aimable

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hercules-beetleDid you know the uninhabited Maria Islands are the only place where rats, dogs, cats and mongooses never reached and is now the last sanctuary for the colorful ground lizard (zandoli tè) and the small grass snake (kouwès)?     

Did you know the parrot/jacquot/Amazona versicolor almost became extinct in the 1970s but thanks to strict protection they recovered in viable numbers?

About 150 species of are thought to exist or have existed in St. Lucia.  Some of these birds include frigate birds, herons, ducks, pelicans, pigeons, sandpipers, swallows, night jars and hummingbirds.  

Did you know the tree lizard, the pygmy gecko, the fer-de-lance, a sub-species of the boa constrictor, the little worm snake, and a sub-species of hercules beetle are endemic to St. Lucia?  The St. Lucia muskrat which is now extinct was also endemic to the island.

Other distinctive animals are three species of regionally endemic bats, four species of endangered marine turtles – loggerhead, hawksbill, leatherback and green turtle, the iguana, the agouti and the red-necked pigeon.

Source: A history of St. Lucia by Harmsen, Ellis & Devaux – 2012

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