Did you know?

Did you know?

bluefin-tuna_478_600x450DID YOU KNOW – Did you know in 1958 a Bluefin tuna was tagged off California and was caught in 1963 in Japan?  

It covered a distance of 9335 km/5800 miles.  That is the greatest distance covered by a migrating fish.

Did you know even though no one can pinpoint exactly when humans first started keeping dogs as pets, dogs were the first animals to be domesticated?  There are many breeds of dogs to choose from and they are distributed worldwide.

Did you know dolphins are well known for their intellect, their unreserved nature, and their acrobatic abilities?  Dolphins have a unique sense of hearing and they also have excellent vision in and out of the water.

Source: Chambers Super-Mini Book of Facts by Anderson, McGovern & Norris – 2004


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