Did you know?

Did you know?

mindooPhilipDid you know that Francis ‘Mindoo’ Phillip was an outstanding St. Lucian cricketer who also played football for the national team?  Mindoo was a leftwing player as well as a goalkeeper.

In 1963, Mindoo was the one responsible for St. Lucia’s first football win over Barbados at Carlton Grounds.  Mindoo collected a pass; beat his way pass a defender to score the winning goal. The shot was so powerful that Cumberbatch, the Barbados goalkeeper ducked behind the goalpost. St. Lucia won the match 2 – 1.

Did you know Alan ‘Chico’ Hunte was rated as one of the most outstanding St. Lucian footballers in the decades of the 1940s and 50s?  The La Pansee boy was the elder brother of former St. Lucian cricketer and cricket administrator, Julian R. Hunte.

Chico’s game took him from the grounds of Paterson Lands, the ‘Bayleaf’ area of Conway to top clubs in Curaçao and Latin America. He was also a talented swimmer, cricketer, volleyball and lawn tennis player.

After leaving St. Mary’s College, Chico migrated to Curaçao to work in the oil refineries. His talents as a footballer was quickly recognized and was drafted into the West Indies team which comprised of refinery workers from the Caribbean.

The league was semi-professional and Chico represented the West Indies against teams from Venezuela and Portugal, establishing himself as one of the rising young stars in Latin American Football.  He was later chosen to play for Young Holland, a team comprising top young footballers of Curaçao, in a league which included International players from Portugal, Holland, Venezuela, Trinidad and Surinam. Chico was selected to play league football in Columbia due to his prowess.

Chico returned to St. Lucia in 1948 and was immediately selected to play for the national team.  At the club level he played for Vempur and The Young Men’s Club. His colleagues included greats such as Oliver ‘Smokey’ Charles, Vincent Devaux, Courtenay ‘Popie’ Paul and Headley Monlouis.

In 1949, Chico joined V.A.D.C. playing alongside the likes of Headley and Da Costa Monlouis, Kitchener Hinds, Wilkie, Oliver Scott, Vincent and Dan Floissac. When he was not playing football, Chico was actively involved in swimming or playing water polo alongside Francis, Robert and Vincent Devaux.

As a competent cricketer, he played for Notre Dane and he also played for New Park under the captaincy of Francis ‘Mindoo’ Phillip.  Chico also had the distinction of being St. Lucia’s table tennis champion beating Vincent Floissac, the leading player for some six years in a gripping final.

Source: Outstanding Sports Personalities of St. Lucia by Rupert J. Branford – 2000

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  1. It is amazing that the generation of that time did so much in a variety of sports and excelled in it. Today's youth just cannot compare, or for want of a more definite explanation just cannot and will not make the effort to come up to scratch, or, up to that standard, with all the advanced and latest technologies to help them to become top notch.
    Just sickening.
    A big BRAVO to our much older, bolder, youthful generation, they really did rock. That makes me a very proud St. Lucian.
    Thank you


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