Did you know?

Did you know?
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Did you know this flower is native to south-east Asia and is called Musk Mallow and the botanical name Abelmoschus moschatus?  

However, this plant can also be found in St. Lucia and other Caribbean Islands.

Musk okra, annual hibiscus and ornamental okra are some of the names it is known as.  In Guadeloupe it is called Gombo Musque Ambrette while in Jamaica and St, Lucia it is known as musk mallow.  Some varieties include attractive shades of pink, light yellow, orange-red and red with white centers. The pods are similar to okra and when they are spit open; the small round seeds when crushed give a strong odor of musk.

Source: Caribbean Wild Plants and their Uses by Penelope N. Honeychurch – 1987

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Did you know this flower is called the Rain Lily, magic lily, zephyr lily and fairy lily among other names? Colors can be white, yellow or pink according to the variety and they are grown in St. Lucia and other Caribbean Islands. They are always in full bloom during the rainy season.


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