Did you know?

Did you know?

2016-01-14 07_06_43-Baq.docx - Google DocsDid you know the blue land crab (Cardisoma guanhumi) is hunted mainly at nights by hand or use of traps?  Over the past few years, the Department of Fisheries has noticed a decline in this resource, both in the wild and on the market.

This may be due to loss of habitat by land filling and other coastal development activities and further stress from over-exploitation.

Source: Biodiversity Country Study Report of St. Lucia by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry,           

Fisheries and the Environment – 1998

Photo credit: A.Aimable

2016-01-14 07_08_17-Baq.docx - Google Docs
Mountain crab/River crab
Mountain crab/River crab
Mountain crab/River crab

Did you know this crab in the photo is called the mountain crab or river crab and can be seen in great numbers on a rainy day? In creole it is called “bak”.

Source: James L. Lenards

Photo credit: A. Aimable


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