Did you know?

Did you know?

Did-You-Know-.3113112DID YOU KNOW – Did you know near to the summit of La Sourciere close to the track that leads to Mabouya valley from Babonneau is a very small cave?  Residents of both districts claim the cave is haunted.  

There was a robbery and murder committed there many years ago and people claim that on a moon-lit night one can see the face of the murdered man in a nearby tree.

Did you know at Cannelles Estate, not too far from the sea, there is a cave carved in the side of a “tiff” bank?  It is really a “vault” with a single opening.

It is alleged that a Martiniquan came to that site with a metal detector and three men from Micoud to assist him.  Apparently the Frenchman located some metal with his detector, at which point he directed the men to dig into the bank.

It appears they soon broke through into the chamber. The Frenchman is alleged to have entered the hole but never came out again.  The three men became very frightened and soon abandoned the area in terror.

It appears that the cave may have been a military cache of French arms, a custom not uncommon in Europe.  Arms were strategically located and hidden for future emergency use by the military personnel involved.

Source: Saint Lucia Historic Sites by Robert J. Devaux/Saint Lucia National Trust – 1975

This feature runs every Tuesday and Thursday. It is compiled by daughter of the soil Anselma Aimable, a former agricultural officer and former correspondent for Caribbean Net News, who has a deep interest in local culture and history. Send ideas and tips to [email protected]


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  1. Why not let a drone do the job, first overhead and then underground? An ariel survey like the US, Israelis and Egyptians do to discover existing underground tunnels for drugs, arms and tombs respectively, might be put to very good use here.

    "Raiders of the Lost Ark" type trapped gases, may have been accountable for the disappearance in the cave. Intriguing!


  2. Curious to know why the national trust or other relevant institutions have not investigated or explored those mysterious cultural/historical sites for possible touristic, educational and cultural benefits.


    • So, for crying out loud, do you want the people from the Trust to also disappear like the curious Frenchman? They right not to show an interest in that place. We must learn to leave whatever is there to rest and play peacefully.


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