Did you know?

Did you know?

Did-You-Know-.3113112Did you know caves hold a particular fascination for some people conjuring up visions of pirates’ treasure or “haunted” places?

In St. Lucia we have a number of fascinating caves ranging from man-made holes to huge caverns carved out by the persistent forces of the sea.

The few man-made caves one may encounter around the island are generally modern or post-Amerindian.  The numerous caves that the Amerindians used were usually natural impressions, which they utilized for shelter and occasionally “improved” by widening or deepening.

The few holes one seldom finds may well have had a military function, such as those in the area of Ravine Combat, where the holes were located in a line running more or less east to west in an area close to the ravine named after a battle that allegedly took place there about the time of the French Revolution. The real “caves” formed by the action of the rough seas are not only the biggest, but, in one case, the most amazing, such as the colossal cavern found on the north cliffs of Anse Louvet.

“Haunted” caves are certainly not lacking in St. Lucia, particularly when one asks about a certain cave or hole; the response is usually one of indifference and skepticism with the implication that if it is dark inside it is most likely “haunted”.  The typical example of this being in the region of La Sorciere where a theft/murder was once committed.

Finally, “treasure” caves are not lacking on the island when we consider the possibility of Pigeon Island’s connection with piracy in the mid-sixteenth century.

Source: Saint Lucia Historic Sites by Robert J. Devaux/Saint Lucia National Trust – 1975

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