Did you know?

Did you know?

Did-You-Know-.311311Did you know Hewanorra is not a place name in St. Lucia, but it was the Amerindian name for the Island?  It is found in the copy of the deed by which certain Caribs sold St. Lucia to some British people, presumably from Barbados in 1663.

The sale was a prelude to the invasion of St. Lucia by the little army that Francis Lord Willoughby organized in 1664.  However, according to Douglas Taylor of Dominica, Hewanorra would be c corruption of Iouanálao – the Amerindian name for St. Lucia given by Pѐre Raymond Breton in the 17th century: An intermediary form of the word, attributable to the Caribs themselves.

Taylor says Hiwandrau was probably the original name, and is thought to have meant  – There where the iguana is found.

Source: St. Lucia: The Romance of its place Names by Rev. Fr. Charles Jesse – 1966

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