Did you know?

Did you know?

Did-You-Know-.3113112Did you know the area known as Courville in the Micoud district presumably got its name from an old French family?  Lefort de Latour’s lists a Courville as owner of 92 carrés of land in the Micoud Quarter.

Did you know Lefort de Latour’s map shows Pointe et Anse Comerette to the north-east of St. Lucia?  The origin of the name is yet to be known.  Incidentally, a quantity of Amerindian relics has been found in the neighborhood.

1 Carré = 3.2 acres

Source: St. Lucia: The Romance of its Place Names by Rev. Fr. Charles Jesse – 1966

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  1. You people love to bore people with trivia. When I cannot ever use any of this nonsense to buy me anything that I need to survive Kenny's better days, why am I being bombarded with such tripe? You tell me.


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