Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Did-You-Know-.3113112Did you know the 1758 map marked Ance Canelle on the south-east coast of St. Lucia?

 Lefort de Latour’s map showed Riviѐre des Canelles and Anse des canelles.  In 1809, Henry Hegart Breen listed Canelle a vacant or intestate succession and the name may be a family name.

On the other hand one may wonder whether it does not come from Cannelle, the French for canella or cinnamon.  Cinnamon has been and is still being cultivated in St, Lucia.

Did you know the spot known today as La Croix Maingot got its name from a “Calvary” that exists there long ago and still exists there today?  The name Maingot may be that of an old French family. The name is still found in Trinidad.  However, it may be the correct spelling maybe Mango. The mango tree is very common is St. Lucia and was certainly present at the spot in question.

Source: St. Lucia: The Romance of its Place Names by Rev. Fr. Charles Jesse – 1966

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