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St.-Lucia-PitonsDid you know St. Lucia’s landmark Pitons were formed at the end of the Pliocene period?

That was between 5 and 1.8 million years ago.

Did you know Spanish dollars were first minted in 1497 and were commonly cut into eighths, quarters, halves and one-third pieces?

They were counter-stamped with the initial of the island where they were legal tender.  SL or S.Lucie represented St. Lucia.

Spanish dollar was worth eight reales and it was marked Carolus III Dei Gratia 1774 (‘Charles III by the Grace of God’).

Did you know it was only in St. Lucia and Nagasaki, (Japan) did coal workers carry baskets weighing over 100 pounds?

Source: A History of St. Lucia by Harmsen, Ellis & Devaux – 2012

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