Did you attend Tapion Primary? The school is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

Did you attend Tapion Primary? The school is celebrating its 50th anniversary!
Tapion School
Tapion School

Principal of Tapion Primary School Arlette Cenac has highlighted the institution’s academic success as it celebrates 50 years of existence.

The private school held an enrollment fair, where it displayed major achievements and subject offerings to the public on July 4.

Cenac, who has been principal for the past nine years, described the institution as the most “child-friendly school on the island”.

The enrollment fair was held to encourage parents to enroll their children at the school. The institution is looking to increase its numbers.

The private school boasts of having top Common Entrance scores in Saint Lucia for the past eight years.

It is a non-for-profit-organisation governed by a board of directors. The co-educational school’s motto is “Learning for a Lifetime.”

“We are proud to say that we are a very warm, friendly school. The children are happy here and as well they perform very, very well. One of the most important things for us is that our standard deviation is very small. It says that our children in the group are performing relatively very well. And we don’t have a large range in terms of 100, let’s say, versus 17. Our children are generally performing very well. So if we have 90, the last score maybe 76 or thereabout,” she said.

Cenac used the opportunity to encourage the public to help out at the Boys Training Centre. The former RC Boys Infants principal said prior to working at Tapion Primary, she spent a year training at the centr and witnessed children in poverty, with no parents or help and “my heart went out to them and I decided I was going to help…”

“So I started this and I really, really enjoyed it. All those boys need is one person to be there for them – one boy to one person. So we have to extend ourselves to the Boys Training Centre because if we don’t help them out they become our monsters in society,” she stated.


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  1. This is a very magnanimous gesture on your part Mrs. Cenac.
    If only some more, well-to-do citizens, availed themselves and their services to causes like, The Boys Training Center, like you have, we just might see the change-for-the-better in these young people.

    You will be missed at Tapion. Farewell on your next endeavor.


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