Did not get promoted? “Opportunities will come again” PM tells police officers

Did not get promoted? “Opportunities will come again” PM tells police officers

Police officers who did not receive promotions this time are advised to look at the positive side and try again.

This was the sentiment of Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, who delivered the feature address titled “New Times, New Leadership”, at the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force’s Parade and Promotions Ceremony held at Derek Walcott Square in Castries on Sunday, August 2.

Forty-two police officers were officially promoted. (PHOTOS: Press Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister)

The prime minister said: “Even those who went through the promotions process but were not successful at this time must look with camaraderie at what has been achieved by you. Understandably, there will be some who are bitterly disappointed but remember, promotions are a regular feature and opportunities will come again. How disappointment is handled says a lot about the person and the individual.”


Dr. Anthony said even in law enforcement, healthy competition is always good, and the Force must not be a place that harbours hatred and ill-will.

“Society will have more confidence in a police force in which they know officers are led by women and men of character, courage and independence, totally and absolutely committed to applying the law without motive, ill-will or malice. The Police Force must not be a place of refuge for those who harbour hatred and ill-will to others, be it their neighbour or otherwise.”

He said promotions in the past have always been a “vexed issue”.

“It has undoubtedly been a source of anxiety and embarrassment for the entire force, with accusations of cliques and circles holding sway when it came to advancement through the ranks.”

He said It has taken some time to design and implement a formula for promotions in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. This new system, he said may not be perfect but it is far better than what exited in the past.

“Whatever flaws exist, we need to resolve them as it is vital that all police officers are confident in the decisions yielded by the process.”

The prime minister added that a professional and disciplined organisation can never afford to have its system of promotions be based on “favouritism, or nepotism, or merely the subjectivisms and opinions of a few”.

He said promotions should never be a “tool of discrimination or victimisation or the advancement of self-serving agendas”.

“The negative effects of such forms of promotion are clear to us all: demotivation and demoralisation, corruption, abuse of power, disrespect and insubordination, and indeed, even attrition of those who are frustrated. Furthermore, if the public holds no confidence in law enforcement promotions, it stands to reason they may likely hold little confidence in the enforcement of the law itself.”


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  1. @@@@@ I believe the country and crime has to be taken into consideration first. The impact of some hard working dedicated cops on the community.
    Those who has good leadership skills as oppose to those who drink mess around carry false news steals corrupt etc.

    some police officers directly affect the community they work in and u hear their names on the street when u move around. U see the way they carry themselves. When they are given a chance to act sometimes, you see a difference and you see a good team spirit.
    so what is wrong with promiting such officers by merit outside promotional exams. What is wrong with someone who has been tested to be given a leadership role rather than some alcoholics and those who we know to have all sorts of negative traits.
    I think a lot has and should be taken into consideration for promotion


  2. Why doesn't the PM take a lie detector test? If the police are subject to a lies detector test why not their boss, Minister for Justice??


  3. Some officers have been promoted just because they are smart on paper. What about those who has the experience and can manage better than those who are smart? Are we not looking for better management? or are we looking to promote smart asses who will later make a fool out of the force? Secondly, i do not support the force for using Senior Constables to do all of their acting post, and when the time for promotions they choose a whole bunch of inexperience cops to be supervisors of these senior constables? who the fuck puts the cart before the horse? Only in St Lucia this happens.


  4. ask errol to show his certificates none why he in charge of promoting every doghas his saturday




    • sadly some of these officers in the constable position for 30 year DO NOT DO ANYTHING to improve their skills, nor do some of them execute their duties well. Its clear, there are some bad politicians, some bad doctors and teachers, and some bad policemen. how can we promote incompetence?
      its time those who want to move on up improve themselves, their skills, and their value to the organisation.
      id be ashamed myself if i there so long and not getting promotions. self advancement is key


  6. you are trying to be nice to some of them only labour police makes more money that will not save yr aaaaa for sure you lost my vote you are giving to much power to them bad boys


  7. Shit boy why did some people did the polygrath twice. Is it because they failed the first. Even people that planted firearms are promoted


  8. Opportunities will come after we fire you at the polls come next election incompetent fool.


  9. I like that,Kenny the force should not be a place where police officers are exercising hatred towards other people.I have had those circumstances with them to thee extent where i will never passed on any information regarding investigation of all sorts in this country.Kenny,you should promote and remove those who are giving the force a bad name.




  10. This is a facus...Politicians like Kenny...and the like should be sent on retirement in the public interest. He will once again plant his apostles of darkness in a public agency. ....


    • For the past years The traffic department has been used as a timeout (Detention) for some dirty cop's. you f... up in your department they send you to traffic. Now I'm seeing them same cop's being promoted, it's true you had to pass the exam to be promoted but you mean to say them higher ranking officer cannot intervene to stop a promotion of a bad cop even if he passes the theory exams. but yet Kenny is saying there should not be favouritism.


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