Dexta Daps to spend another week in lock-up

Dexta Daps to spend another week in lock-up

(JAMAICA STAR) – Ladies will have to do without Dexta Daps’ torso-bearing posts for at least another week.

After his lawyer, Peter Champagnie, filed a writ of habeas corpus, a hearing was called at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

It was brought to the court’s attention that Dexta, given name Louis Grandison, was being detained pursuant to the state of public emergency that is in operation in Seaview Gardens, where he was picked up.

However, he remains detained because the arresting officers were absent from the hearing.

“To be fair to them, this was a result of the fact that the service of the writ was, in a manner of speaking, short-served – because of the prolonged holiday period,” Champagnie told THE STAR.

The matter was adjourned until Monday, April 20.

Grandison was taken into police custody last Wednesday by detectives from the St Andrew South Police Division and the Major Investigations Division, following what law enforcement authorities describe as “an investigation that has been going on for some time.”


Following the arrest, Champagnie expressed reservations, with reference to what he deemed an unsettling trend where people are detained for extended periods under the state of emergency.

“In response to that, I indicated that I had some misgivings as to the sincerity of that, and I indicated that I wanted to demonstrate through the facts and legal argument, why it is that I held that view. So the court, having heard what it is that I had to say, adjourned the matter for Monday, April 20, when full arguments will be presented, and when it is that the police will be expected to be in attendance,” Champagnie said.

He also said that “throughout all of this … my client has been consistent”.

“He continues to state categorically that he is innocent of any wrongdoing. He is very apprehensive, anxious to be released from custody, as he has a number of contractual obligations to complete, notwithstanding the fact that the stage shows and various live shows have been put on hold,” he said.

Champagnie continued: “As you would appreciate, there is still video shooting to be done, there are still contracts to be reviewed and other discussions to be pursued in terms of business in the aftermath of COVID-19.”


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