Destruction of pasture in Vieux Fort costing cattle farmers

Destruction of pasture in Vieux Fort costing cattle farmers

The destruction of part of the fence of the communal pasture in Vieux-Fort to make way for the Desert Star Holding (DSH) project has already cost cattle farmers occupying the pasture.

About a week after the destruction of the fence by workers on the project, the cattle which were reared in the pasture, destroyed crops at a nearby farm, which resulted in its owner claiming $600 in damages from the cattle owners.

In an interview with this reporter, Williams Kisna, a cattle farmer, said they have already paid the affected farmer $300 and will be paying the balance later. He said they have negotiated with the farmer for a reduction in the cost of the damages by $100.

According to Kisna, who said he had 16 cows in the pasture, the situation is frustrating.

He said no one in authority had informed them that they will be destroying the fence.

Errol Johnny, another cattle farmer, said: “When our cattle are out of the fence it can cause vehicular accident, resulting in the police shooting them… The destruction of the fence is badly affecting us.”

He said he had five cows in the pasture and has no idea where they are at the moment.

According to Johnny, the communal pasture over the years has led to a reduction in the number of vehicular accidents caused by cattle on public roads.

However, workers on the DSH project have begun to repair the part of the fence which they had destroyed a few weeks ago.

Inside the pasture

Between 10 and 12 cattle farmers currently occupy the pasture. They have been occupying the pasture for a number of years.

Earlier this week, in a press release, Dr. Kenny Anthony, parliamentary representative for Vieux-Fort South, described the destruction of the fence as “outrageous and totally unacceptable”.


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  1. But you are also here implying that the farmer may not be the one lying. Is it because farmers don't lie? All that harlay cassay is irrelevant. If they were farmers and were not aware that their fence was being demolished then they are absentee farmers. If government destroys my property I would not be in the news or talking to other politicians, however, I would be at that government department responsible for the damage.

    People must be responsible enough to keep politicians out of their business unless their business politics. This is why such issues are given a political response and political attention.


  2. We need to produce more dairy for our people! so why are farmers being driven out rather than put in place a programme to help the industry? every big country have fresh refrigerated milk in the stores. so why cant we encourage the same? it will be more healthy anyways!


  3. Majority rules : Let's take DSH, a byproduct of CIP to the poles. Bring out a referendum and let' reverse CIP altogether.


  4. The DSH is a white elephant. Same applies to the 50 billion US$ canal in Nicaragua. All pay for play (bribery).


  5. Earlier this week on News-Spin, Timothy Poleon spoke about the 'Press Release' by the PR of VF South Dr. Anthony. At the end of news-spin, the Project Co-coordinator for G'ovt Projects Ms. Nancy Charles called on the defense as usual saying; "I have spoken to the contractor and there is no truth to what Dr. Anthony is saying, and that he Dr. Anthony should re-visit the site to see that there are no damage fence."
    Following day on RCI 12:30 News, Timothy Poleon without confirming what Nancy Charles said day before came out and repeated exactly what Nancy Charles told him on News-Spin.
    So is the Farmer lying now?
    Did Dr. Anthony Lie?
    Nancy, you drive through the place everyday, why did you lie?
    Timothy Poleon, stop encouraging lies on your program.


    • Right on spot Phillip John. In addition to what you have referred to the article indicated " However, workers on the DSH project have begun to repair the part of the fence which they had destroyed a few weeks ago." I guess they repairing the fence that was not destroyed. Another example that Allen, Nancy and Nicole believe that they can lie and fool the people. Shame.


  6. CATTLE FARMING : Famers are to be respected , They provide indispensable life required product , the country needs to stop the drain of scarce Foreign exchange . Lets show gratitude in all they do. They help to put food on the table for
    our survival and good health.


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