Desruisseaux family accuses police of brutality

Desruisseaux family accuses police of brutality

A family is accusing the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) of crossing the line when one of its officers allegedly dealt several blows to a man’s head and face during a search for drugs on their property.

Diana Tamphile of Desruisseaux, Micoud told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview yesterday, August 12 that a group of men in two van loads came to her mother’s home yesterday, and without identifying who they were, entered the home and started searching and tumbling stuff.

The 38-year-old woman said her mother, father and brother were all sitting in the living room watching television when the men barged in and started searching.

Diana said while she was in a bedroom changing, she could hear that her brother, Conrad Tamphile, 36, inquiring from the men, who they were and what they are doing.

Diana claims that they refused to answer. When Conrad started to hurl indecent language at the men, they allegedly use a gun to lash him in the head.

While all of this was happening, Diana told SNO that her mother was screaming and shouting at the top of her lungs, “Who are you? What is going on?” Even then, the men refused to answer.

Diana recalled running out of her room in her bath towel and inquired for herself. The men responded saying they are police officers and that they had a search warrant for a woman and called her name.

When she asked under what grounds they are searching the house, they said for suspicious drugs. Diana told SNO that she returned only Sunday night from Martinique after spending 18 days there for a seminar.

Diana said she recalled telling the police, “So do you think if I was into to drugs, I would be everywhere trying to do nails and hair, no, I would be out selling my drugs and doing who I have to do.”

According to her, the police responded saying, “Lucians when you living overseas y’all think y’all above the law.” And she responded, “I am not above the law, but I know it. When you come to somebody’s house you identify yourself and present a search warrant in my hands.”

To worsen the situation, Diana said while searching her bedroom a female police officer saw her boyfriend’s passport and identification card and asked her “who is he?”

She responded in the negative and the officer allegedly went on to say: “How am I sure that you have one man’s property and yet you have another man in the house.”

The Desruisseaux woman said she was shocked and surprised by the comment. She told the officer: “Are you trying to insult me and disrespect me in my house. You all come for one reason, but you in my boyfriend’s passport asking me those questions.”

Diana said her brother was arrested, even though the police came up empty-handed. When she visited him, she was told that an officer allegedly bit him on his hand, placed a knife to his throat and dealt him a few more punches to his chest and face, which is now swollen. He was not charged and remains at the station.

“Honestly I think they did the thing wrong. I am not pleased with the way they handled the situation. I mean these are mature officers, who know how to go about this. They are all big men that came to search,” she added.

Diana said her mother is still in a state of shock based on yesterday’s experience. A report was made with the Micoud Police Station.

St. Lucia News Online contacted the police station as recent as today but was told that relatives of the alleged victim were meeting with a senior police officer.

Diana told SNO that the sergeant of the Micoud Police Station met with her this morning. During that meeting Diana said the sergeant admitted that the matter wasn’t dealt with properly and apologised.

According to her, the sergeant explained that the search was conducted by the RSLPF Drug Unit and not police officers at Micoud. Her brother who remains in police custody is expected to be released sometime today.


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  1. I will say this with no water in my mouth I love the police but if my immediate family or me is ever brutalized by this law enforcement unit trust me I will devote the rest of my life getting as many as I can to go swimming with the fishes trust me on that one and u miss police woman check or self or u reck it chill out ok


  2. Since when enrouge supporting criminality. Remove in rouge in y'all nonsense. Law abiding citizens cooperate very well with the police and if there are skeletons in your closet then the cops will find you. Do you expect officers to just stand and allow crimals and drug dealers to shout in their faces , curse them off insult them and because they are officers, are supposed to stay there and afterwards drug dealers call out police brutality?.what is police brutality. Who instigated the so called police brutality? All those in the yard should be arrested, and charged. They travel overseas they put their asses straight when police have to search them. But here is police this and police that. Store drugs in y'all house in the us and Canada. Baton an chew zort


  3. these police are dogs and they will die like dogs to but their children does shame them enough


  4. It's no wonder that the majority of citizens have no respect for police officers. These offices need to be taught that enforcing the law does not equal bullying people, and abusing their "power".


  5. Hey fools. Are you all living on Mars or some other planet? Because all this shit is getting me upset. Since when all officers are law abiding? Don't you all watch TV? What about the about those that f!!!ed up Rodney King I bet they were law abiding at first. I also bet those who work for the drug bosses are also law abiding. Why don't you all shut your a!!es up and let people complain when they think that their rights are violated. If you were living in another country you would be fast to believe that it did. But as is sweet St.Lucia where everybody shits in every other person's mouth then its unbelievable, right? Well when it happens to you then you won't even be able to complain on SNO because you would have a stick shoved so far up your asses then even opening your mouth alone would have a fowl smell of shit. You will find out when your numbers up.

    Fools no wonder you feel so insensitive to other people's plight. The devil is working quite clever in the land and our people just loving the taste of blood. Go ahead drink more. Soon your youth will be drinking yours. Remember Chakadan's blood is still on your hands.


  6. We saint Lucians are just idiot don't believe the police would do all this for no reason really these are the same people try to protect the country wow


  7. These officers do a lot of Shate and it cld not be entirely true but trust me I believe this story cuz these ass holes did the same to my cuz. Not for drugs though but the said a guy they arrested sold him a stolen watch. 2am in the morning just break down his door waking the boy kids with they guns in hand take him down burst his ass and let him go with no charge. I put nothing pass these officers especially thors assigned to the Micoud police station. Corruption I tell u


  8. It's amazing how almost everyone is quick to condemn the officers without knowing the facts. What prompted a warrant in the first place ? Law abiding citizen will hardly find faults with the police.