Derek Walcott honoured at Music Fiesta

Derek Walcott honoured at Music Fiesta

PRESS RELEASE – The annual Music, Story telling and Poetry Fiesta held at The Pyramid, Alliance-Francaise de Sainte-Lucie on Wednesday 22nd, was a huge success.

Organised by the Folk Research Centre and the Alliance Francaise from 2009, the event has become a standing room only affair. The night’s programme was dedicated to the Hon. Derek Walcott in recognition of his contribution to Kweyol culture in his poetry and plays.

A translation of his play Ti Jean and his brothers by Allan Weekes, veteran director and translator, was given a staged reading. This was directed by writer and director Travis Weekes.

In the presence of Walcott, the readings were very well done and the translation itself proved to be a very good one in quality of language and capture of Walcott’s original script.

Manmay Kweyol led by Augustin Papius, and Menell, former calypso monarch, gave wonderful performances of Sesenne’s classic music, to the emotional response of Walcott and much of the crowd.

Liz Faisal gave a reading of Walcott’s kweyol poem Iona. Mr. Hilary La Force was the story teller.

Marylin Hyacinth of NTN was the MC for the evening which opened with a rendition of the National Anthem, Kweyol version, by Sam Eudovic.


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  1. Frank Norville is at VH.
    A giant of creole music.
    They could not honour him?
    Dem ca find nobody else in all of Saint Lucia to hounor?
    Joyce Auguste
    Boo Hinckson
    Mick Aubertin
    Ramon Poleon

    All demm do is Walcott, Walcott, Walcott.


  2. I love this man and if I where to ever meet him I would ask him did you or did you not like they asked FP Bill Clinton . I really want to know ?


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