Dequan was not a gangster, says relative (updated)

By SNO Staff
Dequan Joseph and his baby nephew. Joseph was reportedly visiting his nephew when he was gunned down along with several others in Bois Den, Jacmel on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017.

Dequan Joseph and his baby nephew. This photo was taken a “few days ago’, according to a relative. Joseph was reportedly visiting his nephew when he was gunned down along with several others in Bois Den, Jacmel on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017.

A family member has denied that 16-year-old Dequan Joseph, one of the victims of Sunday’s triple homicide in Bois Den, Jacmel, was involved in gang activity.

Following the shooting deaths of Gillan Charles aka Gideon, Kyle Richard, and Dequan, members of the public and law enforcement sources have suggested that the murders may be gang related.

Dequan Joseph in a pool of blood.

Dequan Joseph in a pool of blood.

However, Odita Joseph, who identified herself as Dequan’s sister, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that her “baby brother” was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Let’s be clear my baby brother isn’t in any gang,” she noted. “He’s not from the area either. We are originally from Conway. He went to visit my son who is in SLU (St. Lucia) with his dad. He’s not in no gang.”

Odita, who is currently in the United States of America, said her mother called her with the bad news Sunday.

“My mom lives lower down from the incident. She sent him to bring some slippers that I sent to my son, and he saw the other victims by the road doing some BBQ and he stayed to help. Shortly after she got a call saying that her son is on the ground,” Odita explained.

She said her son’s father was one of the victim’s of the shooting. He was hospitalised.

“My son’s dad got shot in his toe and he’s doing okay,” she said.

Dequan Joseph.

Dequan Joseph.

Odita said she hopes the shooter surrenders because there were multiple witnesses.

“… Many people saw what happened. SLU is a small country and I do hope he turns himself in,” she explained.

“The shooter knows what his motive was. He went to get someone and my baby brother and the others pass in it.”

Odita said her late brother attended Methodist school then Bocage Secondary but did not graduate.

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  1. Nooks lol, the who family are criminals, right down to the little ones, them little boys take on contract to kill people they come in the area like little innocents and is kill they come to kill, not supprised if he was not the intended target, snatching people even tourists chains and bags if you only try to defend your self the whole original Conway family gang at hand to assist them in the robbery, the parents gladly accepts the loot, his mother and aunty with her daughters robbed my 60 year old grandmother of her bag, they took her wedding ring off her finger, the parents train them to thief from young grabbing shoes and clothes from stores in Castries and running till they put a ban on them from entering any store, is now they large because the trying to move them out of Conway in to other areas but they not changing their wicked ways, from times who don't want to hear will have to feel, I have no remorse only relief.

  2. "Dequan was not a gangster " says relative....... * picture if Dequan putting up gang sign* ☕?

  3. why are we quick to through back at this woman for saying who her brothers was that what she knows most time the boys are normally loving children to their siblings and parents we hve to understand that even if he was in any gang that it is someone child so stop it with all the negativity and allow the people to mourn their lost.... most of u wont understand because u hve never been in this suitation .

  4. Oh get over it the way they were raised trust me that's where he was headed and the sister isn't any better went to school with her and was good friends with her her mother had 4 kids and didn't kno what to do with any of them she use to come to class talking about they have guns so she need to stop being fake and acting like she care all she want is attention all those boys are trouble and she's no better if my brother was shot today I'll not feel sorry for him because he picked this life ppl don't just go around killing ppl plus canway is the wosre place in st Lucia to live all they do over there is drugs and kill and gangs I've been there once and it's someplace Ill never go again. So books shut the hell up

    • Wow! You were here friend she lost her brother and that's the support you giving her. Conway is not the worst place in slu. I am from Conway and I am proud to say that I am from Conway. I was brought up quite well, I don't do drugs, and I'm not in any gang. There are many ghettos out there that brought out successful ppl. I hope that if you have kids some day your kids won't end up in any bad situation because it's not nice to rejoice on somebody else's sorrow. You don't know what your sorrow will be tomorrow.

    • Texan girl who ask u about that gosh Wat is wrong with u ppl

  5. We need to understand that the youths are being wasted because of poor decisions made by their parents! There is no way that a kid who attended methodist school, passed for bocage secondary and then...."he did not graduate!" What was the reason Was he ill? Was he suspended? Why didn't the parents ensure that he graduated. Listen, when youths are born, they are innocent, everything that they become are because of society. Our parents and forefathers are the ones who should be shaping them to become young men and women. Forget that shit when parents encourage their young daughters to sleep with hoodlums for money! Forget that shit when parents allow their 14 and 15 year old sons to make decisions which they shouldn't be making. And we all blame the government!! Bull shit!! It's the parents to be blamed!! Sitting on a block? Why? Listen, parents stop giving me this "good boy after death story" and be a parent if you love your children!!

  6. Don't mess with the wolf catchers , we know quann he was a good son and a good friend despite his age

  7. Quanno u will surely be miss bro never for once u disrespect your elders we love u bro

  8. But if the family is pointing out how good he was and not in no gang i dont see no reason y those who know otherwise cant say. But i always have a problem when family quick to play that good boy story. Me might have been or might have not been but i jus hate it. But rip young man

  9. slu have no gangster, chief keef that have the fellas thinking they are gangsters is best all yall try and --- the girls and behave yourself

  10. Some of u people are so damn ignorant. She lost a family member and all u guys talking about is him being in a gang.. Did u know him have u met him? Let him rest in peach and let her grieve. Bois Den is small n everyone k ow everyone.. U r not in her shoes so shut the fuck up n let her grieve

  11. R.i.p young man

  12. Smh

  13. Whether he was a "bad boy" or a "good boy", I don't know but I'll say this, choose your friends and the people you hang out with carefully. The life they live may not be the life that you live but when people come for payback with a "hot head" they don't take time to think it through. Peter often pay for Paul.

  14. My mother was living in the same house as me and didn't know half the trouble I used to give as a young boy, far less you, who lives in the US.

    To YOUR knowledge your son wasn't a gangster, but that may not have been the case. Regardless, killing him in such a heartless way is inexcusable. I offer my condolences and wish you the best.

  15. Odita, please check out your brother's fingers in the photo. THAT IS GANGSTER SIGN. ARE YOU STUPID OR NAIVE?

    • lmfao i do this sign im not in a gang.. in case you dont know half the youth put up those signs because rappers do it.. they know nothing about it. Lucia has no gang with signs to identify them.. I flash my middle finger back in the day.. what gang am i affiliated with? lol

    • n what gang is that since u kno so much about gangs and their sings ....

    • Photos always tell a story.

  16. This is so sad. I knew this young man. No matter his upbringing and circumstances no one deserves to be gunned down in cold blood. He was always respectful to me. There are too many people being killed in St. Lucia whether we believe them to be deserving of death or not. We are not the ones to pass judgement let that be done by the most high! It is because of thoughtless and insensitive thoughts, feelings and behaviour like the ones expressed here that some believe they have the right to take another's life. RIP Dequan I will miss seeing you and your welcoming smile.

    • He was a friend of mine always shouting me when he sees me I attend the same school with him he will be missed sigh rest up quan sighhh

  17. Bad parenting is to blame for a lot of what's going on in society. The children start displaying bad habits from a young age. Stealing and lying. Parents ignore but it only leads to bigger issues and unfortunately too often these days - death. RIP

    • The mother used to always cover up for him and say everyone against her son. I don't excuse the way he died but the mother needs to be honest with herself. RIP little Yute.

  18. dont worry the luck he have will run out three in jail for now people dieing because of u count ur blessings mf

  19. R.I.P Lil Nigga

  20. it's sad how the target is the only one who survived

  21. SMH. He may not have been the person they came for but how can you stay in America and know if your brother was a gangster or part of those guys gang? Am not saying he was's sad is it now 6 young men in one month??

  22. I am so saddened at the death of this young man..i know of him..met him one time. he was so pleasant and very respectful...he greeted me very well...always so husband knows him very well always came to check up and say hello to my husband when he was in our area...or just always left conway and came to i said i don't know of him to be a "Gangster" but a young boy with a smile as wide as the ocean on his own business..May the Lord have mercy on him and forgive him of anything that he may have done not pleasing to him..To his family my heartfelt condolences and sympathies..may God's light shine upon you son....smh May you rest in i knew your lil alias...again i am so saddened by your passing. Why is it we are always quick to see the bad people may do or may have done and so quick to judge...alot of us have sooo much s**t in our closets!! Wrong place wrong time. God bless.

  23. It was just your time... tourist and locals will breathe a little.. one gone more to go.

  24. Not a can you know when you reside in the US. The old man chain you snatched last week, that's what haunted you .

  25. This boy has been a gangster from school.NO one has a right to gun another individual gangster or not though but I hate when relatives come with the good bou story.He started at a young age doing mischief such as pin juking his principal tiress.

  26. Not a gangster but i see him and another conway resident rob a young man near the babonneau bus stand

    • Some Saint Lucians are so damn ignorant this young boy life is now gone and @(Ok Then) wants to point out the few bad thing he did...mi d your DAMN BUSINESS and the his family Grief!!!! Some people like to be all up in other people's BUSINESS!!!

      • His life experiences are very pertinent to his death circumstances. Why didn't he graduate? At 16 years old with no employable skills how was he supporting himself? A thorough investigation of his school life and beyond is needed to determine whether he was infact the intended person or in cahoots/involvement of the intended person, or whether, as suggested, he was one of the intended persons. How do these young fellas greet each other again? Oh, yeah "My shoota/shooter". Sad, sad, sad, families and commmunities have to go back to being responsible for raising our children properly ad as a community.

        • So true! What I find more shocking is he left behind a 7 year old child. WTF!!!! A 16 year old with a 7 year old child and if I heard wrong a 16 year old with a child of any age says a lot about his upbringing.

          • The 7 year old child belongs to the 37 year old man. Dequan has no kids. Think before you'll speak or at least take time to read the news reports properly....smh Rip young one may your family find peace in the Lord

      • if u knew any gangsters @ok then. then u would know gangsters dont rob they shoot and lay bodies, the young man was killed by a gangster. RIP one love

      • Hope he can RIP!

        If there's any truth to "Ok then" comment, then it is very relevant in relation to the article.

        If there's no truth to it then it's just a pointless and spineless comment.

      • Robbing some one is a few bad things.....why do they you shut your mc anonymous live by the sword you die by the just as guilty as him.....a few bad things.......smfh

      • Shut your bodah !

    • in your MC
      y'all fast to call man in that yard name but y'all go hear remember our head hot anything ah anything✌


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