Deputy prime minister calls for alertness during the 2013 Hurricane Season

Deputy prime minister calls for alertness during the 2013 Hurricane Season
Minister Pierre
Minister Pierre

With heavy rains continuing daily, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport Philip J. Pierre is urging citizens and visitors to be vigilant during the ongoing 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Forecasters and weather experts have predicted an above normal hurricane season with at least six major hurricanes expected to form in the Atlantic.

The deputy prime minister says it is imperative that citizens and visitors take necessary precautions to protect life and property.

“We already have some minor landslides and we are hoping that the situation doesn’t get worse, but I want to encourage residents to at least clear the drains in front their homes, stop throwing bottles and garbage in the drains, rivers and streams that is causing problems; so we hope people will understand their responsibility. I also urge residents to make individual preparation and clear over-hanging branches, guttering and drains because that will help, but we are on the lookout though resources are limited and we want everyone to play their part,” he says.

Given the vulnerable nature of state infrastructure, which was compromised by Hurricane Tomas, the Ministry of Infrastructure is closely monitoring the progress of the Hurricane season.

Minister Pierre says the ministry will activate several contingency plans to respond to any situation and will continue its planning and preparations.

“We are very concerned; we want to continue our desilting of rivers but the rain has started and we have some difficulties in putting the heavy equipment in the river; we have no control over the weather as it is an act of God, but we ask everyone to play their part in ensuring that we are not adversely affected by what looks like a very serious hurricane season,” the minister notes.

The 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season opened on Saturday, June 1 and will end on Saturday, November 30.

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