Deplorable road conditions

Deplorable road conditions

Dear Sir;

The Wingsville River created its fair share of damage during Hurricane Tomas, specifically to the residents and infrastructure of Delieu Street.

Prior to regaining his political seat in 2011, the member of parliament of the day used to frequent this road every Sunday to do a programme at a local radio station which gained him political points.You would have expected that he would address this in kindness.

Moreover, they have skipped Delieu Street and are currently now doing repairs to Smith Street which was in much better condition. Is there a motive for doing this? Is this being done to gratify anyone in particular?

The deplorable state of this street and many in Soufriere make them accident hazards. One has to engage in jumping jack tactics to walk on some of the roads. The potholes themselves can be fishing holes after it rains due to their sizes.

To add insult to injury, we boast Soufriere as being the tourist capital.

Pictures don’t lie, so you will be well satisfied with my concern while driving or walking through the constituency.

Warning, ensure you have proper suspension on your vehicle or proper boots to manoeuvre.

— Sandra Louis


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  1. We need to be very thankful to our creator for caring for his children ,I know st.lucians are hurting ,my prayers are with you .Let us remember to keep Christ into christmas it's all about him .Take time to reunite your life with Jesus our Savior and trust Him always.He will surely make a way of excape.


  2. I am in total agreement.....the other streets near Smith Street is in worst conditions.....why Smith Street? Because Walter lives there and since he's in charge of the Soufriere Foundation.......


  3. Maybe smith street is bwing fixed because mr walter francois leaves on that street.any rocket engineer can see there are worst roads in souf than this. Is the foundation paying for this?


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