Department of Sustainable Development engages stakeholders in a move to embrace compostable food containers

Department of Sustainable Development engages stakeholders in a move to embrace compostable food containers

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Department of Sustainable Development plays a key role in environmental sustainability.

Given the Department’s mission to conserve and sustainably use the environment and all related aspects, continued efforts are being made to ensure that the country promotes environmental sustainability through the implementation of sustainable development initiatives.

One such initiative is the phased switch to biodegradable and compostable food service containers.

In the pursuit of collaborative environmental management and decision-making, the Department is conducting a survey of relevant commercial entities to determine the impact that a phase-out of Styrofoam food service containers would have on business operations.

Minister for Sustainable Development, the Honourable Dr. Gale Rigobert endorses this initiative and urges Saint Lucians “to consider the long-term implications of the continued use of Styrofoam on our fragile environment.”

Public participation and involvement in this process is paramount to the success and continued fight for social and economic sustainability in Saint Lucia. The general public is therefore implored to be a part of this process.

Meanwhile, respective entities are encouraged to complete the survey no later than Friday, February 23, 2018.


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  1. The cups will also need to come in bowl size because we not missing our bouillon for nobody. they may also need to make boxes with the same material so that it can hold on to my stew cicken and figs. and the box i see there, it can take certain food for sure, but it will spill the sauce, if that is a concern for some. but it depends on the type of food being served anyways. so basically, you need two types of boxes, one made with the cup material to take people sauce and the brown one i see there. but good idea to move forward . too much plastic in our environemnt. and its time we go back to bottles for soft drinks. and pay me my 25 cents for returning my bottle. and every store should have a drop off point for my jucy bottle and i can collect my money from there. so place a person behind a little window somewhere in the store and i pass them clean bottles and they pass me my money. all rum bottles too should be included, if produced in the country. now you people dont pay me for free ideas! so i will stop there!


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