Department of Forestry takes action against illegal hunting of the Saint Lucia iguana

Department of Forestry takes action against illegal hunting of the Saint Lucia iguana
Kennedy V. Chastanet was arrested after this photo and others were posted on Facebook.

PRESS RELEASE – The Wildlife and Surveillance Units of the Forestry Department continues to actively monitor and investigate cases of wildlife endangerment around the island particularly on the northeast coast.

This follows the recent arrest and subsequent charge of a man photographed barbequing the endemic Saint Lucia Iguana (Iguana iguana) in the community of Boguis, Babonneau

Kennedy Vincent Chastanet who was charged for the offences of illegal possession, slaughter and consumption of an adult female iguana has paid the first installment of the $1500 charge.

He was formally charged by the Forestry Department on Tuesday July 29th, 2014 under the Saint Lucia Wildlife Protection Act 1980 (revised 2001) and released on condition that the charges be paid in full no later than September 1st, 2014.

Cognizant of its mandate to protect wildlife, the Forestry Department reminds members of the public, especially those residing in Babonneau and Dennery that the Saint Lucia Iguana is an endemic reptile which is protected by law.

Except by the authority of a license or permit, issued under section 10 of the revised Saint Lucia Wildlife Protection Act, a person who hunts or takes any protected wildlife or the eggs, fried or young thereof, commits an offence.

The offender is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000, or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding twelve (12) months.

Currently, the existence of the Saint Lucia Iguana is threatened by habitat destruction and predators including stray dogs and cats. Therefore, individuals are urged to abide by the law and to assist in the protection and conservation of the Saint Lucia Iguana.

Any person with information or queries regarding the Saint Lucia iguana or any other wildlife species is urged to contact the Forestry Department at telephone number 468 5644 or 468 5645, or to visit us at the Gabriel Charles Forestry Complex in Union, Castries.

The Forestry Department expresses its gratitude to the public for its assistance and cooperation.


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  1. First and foremost iguana is a delicacy.Recently I happen to flip my tv to the Food Network and to mu surprise Andrew Zimman ed im Trinidad&Tobago eating iguana with the locals.So what's all the hype about.Reduce the vat and maybe the locals won't have to go yo the extreme in order to survive.


  2. As a law abiding citizen I do agree with the actions taken by the authorities but my argument is that a young guy facing all the struggles that comes with the poor economy of this country...isn't it reasonable enough that he went down that path rather than him mugging or robbing someone of their possession? Let's face it, the guy might have been starving and had no financial means of relieving himself from such hunger. I therefore believe that the authorities should be lenient with whatever charges or convictions brought against him rather than using him as and example to deter other offenders.


  3. He coulda buy nuff chicken backs with that $1500 but no the makak wanted grilled iguana. Smh!!


  4. i doont get this since the day people say this iguana is endangered cant they be breeded to make more and i understand that you shouldnt tamper with endangered animals and if one days they will be jailed or fined but what happens when you already eat the iguana will the money you pay bring the iguana back to life and where those this money go towards to is it to the forestry department


  5. Why didnt the police arrest Mr Kenny Anthony and charged for the killing of the birds near Dennery. the Saint Lucia Wildlife Protection Act 1980 (revised 2001) , why didnt the forestry department charge him after he sold the land to build that hotel thats on pause


  6. What a shame is he that desperate, the culture of if "it moves, eat it"
    he should be given the maximum sentence of twelve Months.


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