Denver Byron wins $50,000 cash in Digicel’s Crack the Code Promotion!

Denver Byron wins $50,000 cash in Digicel’s Crack the Code Promotion!
Winner of Digicel's Crack the Code $50,000 grand draw, Denver Byron.
Winner of Digicel’s Crack the Code $50,000 grand draw, Denver Byron.

Digicel the Bigger Better Network launched an exciting ‘Crack the Code’ Summer Promotion, which saw hundreds of customers win thousands of dollars in cash and credit for the past 23 weeks!

One lucky Digicel customer in the person of Denver Byron walked away with the grand prize of $50,000 cash, giving a fitting end to an extraordinary promotion.

This summer was an absolute blast for Digicel as the team helped to create wonderful memories for many loyal prepaid and postpaid customers.  Since the launch of “Crack the Code” the past five months have been interactive and exciting.

Digicel officially launched this creative promotion in an unusual but entertaining way.  Explosive flash mobs were witnessed in the north and central part of the island over a two-day period, stirring up excitement.

Digicel’s ‘Crack the Code’ promotion had prepaid and postpaid customers qualifying by simply topping up with $10 or more or paying their postpaid bill in full and on time.  10 customers weekly had a go of cracking the Digicel code of the week, awarding the winner with $5000.

Over 22 winners shared over $100,000 in cash for the duration of the promotion.  In the end Denver Byron took away the largest prize of $50,000 cash, making him the grand winner of the Digicel Crack the Code promotion.

The elated Denver said, “Digicel has made me a winner and it feels great.  I look forward to enjoying my cash and putting to good use.  Digicel definitely made me smile today!”

Digicel’s Marketing Manager, Kerchelle Jn Charles commented “Digicel’s Crack the Code promotion saw lots of participation from its customers. Fun, excitement and value was injected into the market with over 250 customers winning cash and credit prizes over the past 5 months. The grand winner Denver Byron walked away a big winner with Digicel, creating an unforgettable experience.”

The Bigger, Better Network continues to provide its’ valued customers with the best value and best savings on the best network, with innovative and exciting promotions like Unlimited Weekend Talk, Smile and International Bundles just to name a few!

Stay connected or join the Bigger, Better Network today….You just might win thousands of dollars in cash!


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