Dennery woman raped, brutally chopped by known assailant

Dennery woman raped, brutally chopped by known assailant

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Police are investigating the rape and attempted murder of a Dennery woman in her 50’s.

The woman who is currently hospitalized recounted the horrific Saturday, October 8, evening when she was raped, brutally chopped and left for dead by a man she described as a ‘friend.’

The traumatized woman said that she was offered a drop to her home by the male assailant, who diverted and drove his car in a area with thick vegetation, where he forced her to have sex with him.

Once he was done, the man allegedly instructed the woman to wipe her self. But while doing so, the woman said the man took out a sharp instrument from his car trunk and started chopping her.

In an attempt to block her face, the woman placed her hands in the air and sustained multiple chop wounds.

The woman claims that the man then proceeded to put his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. Strangely, the man then left her behind, but not before taking her cash and mobile phone.

The woman said she managed to run towards a public road and stopped a white van that assisted her to the police station, where she told them what happened. She was later taken to hospital for treatment.

A man has since been arrested by police and is assisting with the investigations.


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  1. Crime is running amok in St.Lucia due to our broken Justice system. The criminals know they are caught today and out tomorrow,so they are making a mockery of the law of the land. When the monsters commit such heinous crime and are caught, persecute them to the full extend of the law and the judges throw away the book at them with nothing less than twenty five to life, I am sure they will think twice before they commit such vicious acts. And the nerve of the nickles and dimes attorneys who's quick to pick up them cases and say they are not guilty with some sorry ass excuses, they themselves need to be held accountable for their BS knowing full well they are dealing with jekyll and Hyde.


  2. What kind of bull sh**t is that? What the heck you mean he's assisting the police with questions! So the woman don't know who did that to her, is that what you saying? I hope that Beast/Monster don't see day light for a while for treating 'human' like that.


    • Don't mind the term "assisting" it's just Police lingo; his backside is in jail. When they charge him it will be different.


  3. Oh my oh my this man needs to be ..... what is wrong with those men a friend puting you through hell he need to take a taste of hell too god i. Pray that you will put a hand on our nation i plead the blood of jesus upon the ladys life.

    Lord look over her touch her in her struggles give her strength to endure the pains lord let her know that she is not alone and will never be alone lord allow your healing hands to be upon her touch her from the crown of her head to the soul of her feet i pray your blessings upon her in jesus name


  4. He is assisting police, arrest the dog booked his behind and jail this sob, hope they took a rape kit and check his DNA nasty dirty man. He should never be out walking the streets again. Some balls he got.


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